Harden promises "fun" with the arrival of Westbrook

"We've managed to get together again," says La Barba about Westbrook's transfer to the Rockets. "It will be a lot of fun this year, I guarantee it."

The Most Valuable Player and Player (MVP) of the Houston Rockets James Harden ventured that with the incorporation of the base Russell Westbrook, great reinforcement of the team starting next season, the "fun" is assured.

Although neither of the two teams, the Rockets and the Thunder, have made official the transfer that completed the night of Thursday and that involved the departure of the base Chris Paul to the franchise of Oklahoma City, in addition to the rights of first selection of 2024 and 2026, both players, by different means, they have already confirmed that they return to be partners.

The Thunder, however, already recognized through their Twitter Westbrook's departure from their organization.

Westbrook did it through their Instagram account with a message from "eternal gratitude" to the city of Oklahoma City and the Thunder for allowing him to play 11 a I wore the team shirt.

"To all, the fans, the managers, the team, my gratitude will be eternal," said Westbrook, winner of a MVP of the league and have played some Finals of the NBA. "It has been 11 years of incredible achievements and unique moments in my career and personal life that I will forever have them" .

While Harden, during a sports shoe promotion event, defined the Westbrook signing by the Rockets as something that filled him with satisfaction and joy, in addition to explaining that he had to live before the same experience when he decided to leave the Thunder and reach the Houston team.

The general manager of the Rockets, Daryl Morey, surprised the world again of the NBA with the acquisition of Wesbrook and collect nothing less than the two best encestadores that has been in the NBA for the past five seasons.

Harden has won 11,958 points, while Westbrook, which is already the best in all history in triples-double, it has reached 10.025 socks.

"When I left Oklahoma City, I was sad. he made a home for me, "Harden explained about the adaptation process Westbrook will have to live. "Now the Rockets are my home" .

Harden stressed that what happened with Westbrook is the result of having made the right decision at the right time.

"Now there was an opportunity available where Russell (Westbrook) was not happy," he said. Harden. "We have managed to get together again, it will be fun this year, I guarantee it." Believe it. "

Westbrook and Harden, both winners of the MVP award, were partners with the Thunder for three seasons, the last one of 2011-2012 when next to the forward Kevin Durant made it to the NBA Finals, which they lost to the Miami Heat, where forward LeBron James was the big star and led them to victory (4-1) to the best of seven.

Ese same summer, Harden decided signed with the Rockets since then the Houston team has played every year the playoff competition and selected the All-Star Game.

While, the Rockets also confirmed the signing by a season of veteran center Tyson Chandler, 36 , who last played her with the Los Angeles Lakers and achieved averages of 3.1 points and 5.6 rebounds in the 16.4 minutes she had for each match.

Chandler, a veteran or 17 years in the NBA, dominates the inner game with his physical power, as well as being a great teammate in costume.

Chandler's second time will work with the Rockets coach, Mike D'Antoni, after he He did previously in the New York Knicks, in 2011-12.

In addition, the Rockets also invited Canadian power forward Anthony Bennett, number one in the 2013 college draw, chosen by the Cleveland Cavaliers to his training camp. .

According to information provided by the local newspaper "The Houston Chronicle, Bennett will receive an unsecured contract.

Bennett was formed at UNLV, but the NBA career never took off; was swapped as part of power-forward Kevin Love's deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves after one season in Cleveland and has played in only 151 professional games, the most recent in 2017 when he had reached the Brooklyn Nets.

But his lack of consistency and improvement in the game relegated him to the competition of the G League in recent seasons.

Bennett, last, played with the "Agua Caliente" team of Los Angeles Clippers and achieved averages of 12.2 points and 4.6 rebounds.

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