Gumbau: "I hope to have more space next season"

The Catalan midfielder Leganés admitted that he ended up dissatisfied with his role last season. Do not rule out the option of finding minutes away from Butarque.

Gerard Gumbau, 24 year old midfielder from Leganés, has left the door open to a possible exit in the summer market if he senses that, like last season, his participation in the team could be secondary.

"I hope, having more hollow I did not finish last year very happy with the season. I did not dispute the minutes and the matches I wanted. I am always willing to work to the maximum so that, as soon as the time comes, I can enter the team, "said the Gerundense after scoring a goal in the tie against Rayo Vallecano, first friendly of the season for both teams .

Asked if the option to leave, Gumbau did not rule it out, although he clarified that his desire is also to compete for the position. " It is clear that one poses many things as a footballer. Be happy. Playing the maximum possible games. Sometimes you think about [the possibility of leaving] , but I will continue working to the maximum so that the coach, if he wants, gives me the opportunity to play, "added the former Barça player. the gesture still fatigued after the first game of summer.

"It is that as in all the first games, at first it costs", he justified himself with a smile on his face. "It's a first week with a lot of cargo and you come from a month stopped. The intention is this, start rolling now. Take confidence and minutes for the start of the league ", assessed on a duel in which the best, by far, was his goal.

The Catalan put it in the square from the front in a dry blow of lack of the mark of the house. "The goal? Well ... it's not important. The important thing is to catch the tone. I am glad that a fault has entered, that we almost never have during the matches ", ditched Gumbau.

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