Griezmann does not appear in Majadahonda and will be fined

He did not go to Cerro del Espino at 8:30 pm, where he was summoned to join the team. He has not transcended the punishment, but it could be 4% of his salary.

Finally, Antoine Griezmann did not show up at Cerro del Espino. He was summoned to start joining the preseason today, as the rest of the players with international rojiblancos commitments, read Oblak, read Lemar, read Joao Felix, one of the new ones. He cited Atlético on Friday, minutes before issuing a statement in which he expressed his discomfort with Barcelona and the player himself for his behavior ("they have disrespected Atlético", pointed out this one) .

Your lawyer answered for him through an email a few hours later, this Saturday: the French was not going to show up because that would mean emotional stress after having said goodbye to colleagues and fans. Also, from the French environment remember that according to the BOE professional players have the right to 30 days of vacations and have passed 26 since the France-Andorra was disputed.

Griezmann is now facing the opening of a file with the rojiblanco club, with whom he has a contract until 2023, that normally brings with it a financial penalty. A fine that, by the way, would be increased as the French was accumulating days absent. Its amount has not transcended (could be between 3,000 and 5,000 euros a day, although in Gol reported this morning it could be 4% of his salary.60,000 euros in the case of Griezmann, which charges 23 million) .

What separates to Barcelona and Athletic

El Atlético Barcelona requires the full payment of the clause of the player (120 million from July 1) to produce the transfer, something that distances both clubs. The azulgrana, in a meeting that on Thursday they had Óscar Grau, executive director of the Barça, and Miguel Ángel Gil, adviser delegated rojiblanco, asked to pay by installments, something to which the Athletic one refuses. In fact, he has never wanted to sell or negotiate for French. It is Griezmann who has wanted to leave. El Atletico only asked him, in that meeting they had on May 14, that, if he wanted to leave, it was clear and he said , so that the club had time to do the planning for the next season with or without him. At the moment, it continues but as if not. The bus of the rojiblanca team started yesterday without him heading for the stay of San Rafael.

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