Geraint Thomas: "I'm fine, I was pretty slow when I fell"

The Welshman, leader of the Ineos team, confirmed that he is in good condition despite the fall of the last kilometers: "I avoided a major shock".

Geraint Thomas was one of the names of the day in the first stage of the Tour de France 2019. In the final kilometers, the leader of the Ineos team was involved in a fall with several riders which, fortunately, came out without serious consequences beyond the blow. Speaking to his team, the Welshman valued the stage and the incident:

The fall: "I'm fine, I was quite slow when I hit them, I gave myself enough space and avoided a bigger shock, but with the barriers there was no where The main thing is that it did not cause any damage: the bike received the impact and I just fell. "

Valuation of the stage: " It was good to get back to the rhythm of the race with the boys. The communication was good and we started in the front, we will try to continue that now, this first week is just about getting over it. " Next stage: "Tomorrow is a great day: the team time trial, we hope we can all rest well tonight and do a good race tomorrow, we will go 100% to try to win the stage, but there are many other good teams" .

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