From the 'first goal' of Portu to Guevara's birthday

More than 3,000 supporters wrapped up from the stand Aitor Zabaleta the macro-presentation of the new faces of the Real Sociedad

The new tenants of the first team of the Real Sociedad have already given their first mass bath in their new house, the renovated and almost finished 'new Anoeta'. More than 3,000 realistic supporters, eager to see and clothe their new idols, filled the 'Aitor Zabaleta' grandstand to welcome them in a simple show, but which served for the five new signings and the other four players who come up from the quante to the first team will check how is the fans donostiarra.

They went out one by one, claimed by the speaker of the act, the journalist Xabi Pérez, who prepared the stands to come up at the time when each player jumped to the grass on a carpet, logically of blue color, that took him until a small attic placed to the height of the point of penalty of the goal that is forward of the south bottom of Anoeta. There were anecdotes of all kinds, from the congratulations to Guevara on his birthday until the first goal of Portu before the grandstand Aitor Zabaleta sung by the Murcian player. They were appearing on stage by this order Alexander Isak, Ander Guevara, Modibo Sagnan, Alex Remiro, Robin Le Normand, Aihen Munoz, Portu and Martin Odegaard, the latest signing to reach Real, from Real Madrid. The act began with British punctuality. At 12.00 Surely it helped the bland press conference of Preview that took place in one of the boxes of Anoeta. The first protagonist of the midday was an absence, the one of Ander Barrenetxea, the ninth new face for this next season that could not be to be concentrated in Las Rozas with the U19 selection to play the European of the category. "I'm sorry I can not be with you, but I'm very happy to play again in front of you all and I'll give everything to give you more joy," said the Donostiarra in a video that put the club on the scoreboard.

After, it was the turn of the eight players present in Anoeta. Alexander Isak was in charge of breaking the ice. He left skipping the protocol without stepping on the blue carpet and crashing the hands of all the children in the front row of the stands. "Ongi Etorri, Anoeta", he dared to speak Basque in Swedish enjoying the warm welcome. Then Guevara arrived and with the gazteiztarra the first anecdote of noon. This Sunday he was just 22 years old and received the most special congratulations, all the fans of the Royal Society singing him a happy birthday. "This really helps me in my search for happiness," Guevara replied smiling. One of the most special moments was the appearance on stage of Alex Remiro. The goalkeeper has already won a little to the fans of the Real with his brave decision not to renew with Athletic to sign free as txuri-urdin. The fans know it and they thanked him with their first ovation. "Remi, Remi, Remi, Remi ...", chanted the south end, whose first ring was full in what it seems can become one of his war cries next season. "In order to grow, it is necessary to recognize with humility that he arrived at a goal in which, historically, the goalkeepers have done very well," said goalkeeper Cascante, who was well supported by family and friends of his people, who were also applauded by the rest of the realistic hobby. "I'm Navarrese and that's why I'm very big, that makes me convinced of the step I've taken, I'm very happy to be here, the wait was worth it". Anoeta came down with a very clear message to the neighbors on the other side of the A-8. The funniest moment was probably played by Cristian Portugués. The biggest of the squad that was presented this Sunday in Anoeta was noted that he is more accustomed to this type of reception and enjoyed the love of the stands. He promised many goals and wanted to illustrate what one of those goals would be like. The speaker put everybody in the situation, narrating the goal that gave the European classification to the Real on the last day. It marked it, of course, Portu, to the center of Aihen Muñoz. "Gooooooooool", shouted into the microphone the Murcian, and asked the stands Aitor Zabaleta to turn around like when he celebrates the goals in Real's matches in Anoeta. And Aihen Muñoz, Le Normand and Guevara clung to Portu to celebrate with that first goal symbolic Beniel forward. And the act closed with the last to arrive. One of the signings that most excited the fans, Real Madrid Odegaard, who arrives on loan for two seasons. "Welcomen Odegaard", he chanted in Norwegian all the stands, eager to exploit in Anoeta the immense quality that everyone senses has in his left leg. For that, welcome to all. And that Anoeta continues enjoying with you. What this Sunday should be just the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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