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The West Ham tightens with millions; Valencia maintains "patience". Sources of the club of Mestalla do not throw the towel and they cling to the will of the Uruguayan to continue in LaLiga.

Operation Maxi Gómez has its own life and as many protagonists as a soap opera at noon. On Monday morning he sounded strong that he was going to West Ham, although, at the end of the day the Uruguayan was still a player of Celta de Vigo, club that for sporting interest - llam Santi Mina and the assignment of Jorge Saenz, plus of 14.5 million- prefers to maintain its agreement with Valencia to receive (in installments) 50 million, which is how West Ham wants to pay its clause. It is added that 20% (10 million) would not go to the coffers of Celta but to those of Defensor Sporting. Therefore, because Maxi is still Celtic and because Valencia does not believe that the will of the striker has changed, Mestalla does not throw in the towel.

Anil Murthy was concise and at the same time concise after question about Maxi at noon: "Patience" . The game continues for the Uruguayan, although obviously Valencia is already looking for other alternatives, although Maxi is still his preference, and what is clear is that he will not enter into a bid with West Ham nor will he wait forever. On the contrary, sources of the Mestalla club told AS that the issue, for better or for worse of the black and white interests, will be solved shortly.

While, in Vigo, where throughout the day the march of Maxi Gómez was taken for granted West Ham, although this did not materialize, there was talk of finding ways to acometer the signing of Santi Mina, if finally broke the agreement with Valencia, a spare waiting with open arms Fran Escribá.

El club de Mestalla does not give any clue as to what would happen to Mina in the event that Maxi Gómez not seen black and white. The initial position, however, was that one operation was linked to the other. Waiting for a resolution, Santi Mina, as well as Jorge Sáenz, went to Paterna to pass the relevant physical and medical tests as a soccer player with a contract in strength that has with the Valencia.

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