Federer goes to 100 at Wimbledon

The Swiss reached one hundred victories in the London Grand Slam, something that nobody else has achieved. He also overcame Connors grass triumphs: 186.

The legend of Roger Federer seems endless. Very close to 38 years old, the 'Swiss Express' never tires of accumulating records and exploits in Wimbledon, that tournament that has already transformed into the garden of his house with the passage of time. Roger will be again in a semifinals in London (he did not do so since 2017 when he was champion) after th the hard-fought Kei Nishikori, who sold his defeat face by a score of 4-6, 6-1, 6-4 and 6- 4 in 2 hours and 39 minutes of meeting.

The Japanese came out in tromba. He was aware that he needed a brilliant start to make Roger doubt and applied his tactic from the start with success: exit break. The one from Basel, very imprecise from the start both with the service and from the back of the track, did not find a solution to this adverse break. The gap could be greater in favor of Nishikori, but he did not manage to take advantage of more break balls despite enjoying a few (a total of 5). The key was in the sixth game, when Federer had his first opportunity to break the Japanese's serve. He did not succeed and there finished his comeback aspirations in the first set.

At the beginning of the second they turned the tables. Federer started carburing with service (finished the game with 81% points won with first), with his right, from the back of the court ... Nishikori significantly reduced his performance and the Swiss made him pay in his first turn of serve, getting the 2-0 with break included. The advantage only increased in the scoreboard, as well as the forcefulness of Roger to close the set by fast track: 6-1.

The Japanese continued with difficulties to serve in the third set, closing his serves on the basis of courage. On the other side of the track, the Swiss machinery was still well oiled, with a quick and efficient game. Roger's serves ended at breakneck speed and Nishikori's seemed like a torment. In the seventh game of the third set, the Japanese wore his best escapist finery by raising up to three break balls against him, but he died on the shore. Roger did not forgive in the fourth and took the break. The set already had owner (6-4) .

The same tonic remained in the fourth set. Nishikori continued from more to less, diluting like a sugar. The story could end soon with a 15-40 in the fifth game in favor of Federer, with a master shot passing backhand included, but the Japanese was determined to extend the battle and saved that delicate situation. With the arrival of the always decisive ninth game, Roger did not forgive in his second break opportunity and the game was seen for judgment. Ticket for semifinals (the 45th of his career in a Grand Slam) and with double record for Roger: stist with more triumphs in the history on grass with 186, surpassing the 185 of the American Jimmy Connors, and 100 victories in Wimbledon, a record that no tennis player had reached in the history of tennis in the same Grand Slam. Next stop of the 'Swiss Express': Rafael Nadal (next Friday). Let the show follow.

Photos from as.com
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