Federer: "Nadal can win on any surface"

The Swiss is cautious before the duel that awaits against Nadal in the semifinals of Wimbledon. "He is not just a specialist on the ground," said Basel.

Question: What is the biggest challenge of playing against Rafa Nadal?

Federer: It's not his first day here. You know everything about Rafa, like me. I do not think I really need to say what their strengths and weaknesses are. It has improved a lot in recent years, on this surface. He is playing very differently than he used to. We have not been facing grass for some time.

It's serving differently. I remember how he used to do it and, now, he does it faster and finishes the points before.

It is impressive to see how he is staying healthy. Many of them said in 2008: 'It's finished', as they said to me in 2009. And we're here. It's amazing to play together again.

Question: Do you think the matches you've played before will be important on Friday?

Federer: Roland Garros not much. There the atmospheric conditions were different. It was very windy. It was crazy. I have not heard that the weather is the same here in the next few days, or at least I hope so. Anyway, it would be hard, but also very funny.

The Australian Open would be more relevant. Obviously, because it was the best of five sets, but it does not matter. What it's worth is how I'm playing and how I've played before. I hope to make the game that I know.

Va to be hard. Rafa can beat anyone on any surface. Is very good. He is not just a ground specialist, as you all know.

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