ExACB Pancho Jasen proves as a scout for the Pelicans

The former player of Estudiantes, idol of the club in addition, and Cajasol undertakes this adventure. He still only collaborates with the franchise.

Pancho Jasen wants to try his luck at NBA. The ex-player, one of the great legends of the Estudiantes (Madrid) who also went through Cajasol in Seville and the Gijón Baloncesto, "never" had been "in an official game of the NBA" and despite this will collaborate with one of its franchises: New Orleans Pelicans.

Jasen, who is in Las Vegas following the summer league, has explained it to Sebastián Saijo, of the official website of the NBA in Argentina: "Everything starts in March or April through some contacts that work with the NBA in Spain, they communicated with me to find out what my intentions were and if I would like to start tracking certain players in Argentina, mostly by appealing to my criteria to observe the players that may have a projection in the future. " For now, there is no contract in between: "There is nothing closed, it is a mutual knowledge and a huge possibility for me to keep observing the forms of work that the NBA organizations have, hopefully this contact can be maintained throughout the season. "

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Perhaps in Las Vegas he is exercising as head coach Pablo Prigioni, another Argentine, in the Timberwolves (he will be assistant during the season). Jasen offers his recognition: "For all Argentines it is a pride to see him there".

The role of ojeador internationally seems to be the first step of Hernán Jasen, retirado in 2018 as a player of Bahía Blanca (the team of his city) .

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