Each Nadal-Federer is a gift

The Spaniard and the Swiss have met three times on the grass of Wimbledon, but it has been 11 years since the last, since that Party of the Century.

Each new Nadal-Federer is a gift. This is also understood by the protagonists themselves. "It's very special to play against Roger and there are fewer and fewer opportunities left," says the Spaniard. "It's amazing to meet again," says the Swiss. At the end of the 2016 season, both were almost disheartened for tennis, but resurfaced in 2017 and were measured in at the end of Australia. Since then, every match between them could be the last. And you have to savor them slowly to enjoy all the nuances. A Nadal-Federer is a global event, one of the great events in the history of sports, an eternal duel. This course we have already had the grace to see in semifinales de Roland Garros, 35 days ago. And this Friday they cross again in Wimbledon, in the same phase. From the land of Nadal, to the grass of Federer.

Nadal and Federer have faced three times in the Wimbledon final, but that's already been 11 years. Rafa lost the first two , although each time he was putting his rival in more trouble, until he beat him in 2008. That clash has been called the Match of the Century, for many the best that has ever been celebrated in the history of tennis, only comparable to the Borg-McEnroe of 1980. Federer has never managed to overtake Nadal in his homeland of Paris, while the Spaniard has been able to invade the Swiss garden. Roger will always have that thorn pinned . The two have changed a lot since that battle, especially the Balearic, who has matured his game to live with his physical weights, to shorten the fighting. Today they are very different players, but they are still Nadal and Federer. Two myths.

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