Durant could play only two years with the Nets' shirt

The contract of the forward will be four seasons, the last optional. The next course will hardly play. If things go wrong in the future, he could leave in 2022.

With the opening of the summer market in the NBA, on July 1, came the first bombing : Kyrie and Durant would play together in the Brooklyn Nets. Two players would be linked to the Big Apple franchise for the next four seasons. The base would charge 141 million dollars and the eaves would pocket 164 in total. However, the conditions of the contract of Durant have been known this afternoon by the hand of Chris Haynes (Yahoo Sports) and, as expected, the last year will feature a player option.

For season 2022/23, the two Sometimes MVP of the finals has secured $ 43.9 million if he does not decide to enter free agency. An important figure that could charge with 34 years, even reaching surpass the salary of LeBron James himself at that age: in the last campaign he charged 35.6


Since, the story for that to be fulfilled depends on many factors. The first, his relationship with Kyrie Irving, the other star of the team. So far keeps a great friendship with him, but it is the first time they share clothes and it would not be the first in which the attitudes of the base play a trick on him. On the other hand, there is how Durant returns after the injury to the Achilles tendon. Surely you miss your first season as a player of the Nets. In this period of forced inactivity will charge 33.9 million.

Finally, the most important factor of all, and that will surely depend on the previous two: that everything works as the expected franchise and in the coming years compete for the title of Conference and , therefore, ring . It is true that the movements made by the New York franchise in recent years have been very successful, even more so after the lapidary in 2013, but if any of these factors are not met, the forward could consider the option of changing of airs before expected.

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