Does Westbrook have the hours counted in OKC? Miami and Detroit, possible destinations

With the departure of Paul George in Oklahoma they rethink the future of their base. The other option is to bring a star, but it seems further away.

Paul George's march to Los Angeles with Kawhi Leonard has left the NBA in shok. The blow has been felt in Oklahoma more than anywhere else. George came to the Thunder two years ago in an operation with Indiana Pacers that earned him a lot of praise to Sam Presti, general manager of the Thunder, for continuing to fight with the best after the departure of Kevin Durant instead of undoing the project and start from scratch.

But two years later and after having committed last summer until 2022 with the new player of the Clippers, the unexpected march of this makes them return to be in a situation similar to that of 2016. With Westbrook only a the controls of a ship that always wanted to place a ring in his hand, which he was about to do in 2012 (they lost the final with the Heat) and in 2015 (they fell in the final of the West with the Warriors when they went 3-2 up in the tie), but which seems to run out of arguments. At least with the formula with which they have tried so far.

Eso is what seems to be going through the heads of those who rule in the franchise according to the latest information coming from the United States. Presti would already have contacted Westbrook and his agent, Thad Foucher, to analyze the situation in which the team and the player have been and evaluate the steps to be followed in the immediate future of the base. As reported by various media all options are open, but and there would be two teams very interested in case the Thunder put the player on the list of transferable.

Heat and Pistons

The Miami Heat seem the best placed in case of starting a negotiation by Westbrook. With the signing of Jimmy Butler could join the two stars and give a boost to the new aspirations that will undoubtedly have since the arrival of the forward. To balance the more than 38 million dollars that Westbrook will charge this season Brett Dawson and Sam Amick point out in The Athletic to Goran Dragic (19 and in last year of contract) and Dion Waiters (13) as the most plausible potion to carry out the trade.

In the case of the Pistons, Dawson and Amick believe they could do some combination with Andre Drummond (27), Reggie Jackson (18) or Tony Snell (11) to try to convince the Thunder. Beyond these two teams, the options can be opened as much as they want, but franchises like the Rockets, which have been running since the end of the season trying to recruit another star, Wolves or the Magic could also enter the fight.

All this giving As a matter of fact, in Oklahoma they decide to sell. There are two more options. One that seems impossible is that they do nothing and stay as they are and the other that is difficult but that is not ruled out: that try to sign another star to play next to Westbrook. This story would not be new. Since the departure of Durant the Thunder have not passed a single round of playoffs. Not with Oladipo or with George. But who knows if Presti will not think that the attempts with Westbrook have not yet been exhausted.

In that case Bradley Beal seems the most shot piece of the market. The Wizards are almost forced to transfer to the escort in the current situation, in which John Wall will not play all year and the rest of the squad does not give any guarantee of success. They just need to take that step to start a reconstruction that now seems inevitable. And the Thunder have five first rounds of draft and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to convince anyone who looks to the future.

Another player they could go to is Blake Griffin, a native of Oklahoma who has already sounded on some occasion as a future of the Thunder. The advantage over Beal? That would be asked much less with Westbrook. The disadvantage? That the Pistons are not at the same point as the Wizards and it seems difficult that they will resign so quickly to try to achieve success, even if it is still far away, with a project that has just started. In any case, all the signs indicate that the mega movement of the Clippers may not be the last of this free agency that has already gone down in history.

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