Djokovic accelerates with a partial of 15-2 and waits in semifinals

Djokovic won against Goffin his 275 Grand Slam victory (70 at Wimbledon) and reaches the penultimate round of the tournament for the ninth time. His rival: Baptist.

Novak Djokovic is in machine mode at Wimbledon. The Serbian, solid and rocky, was not run over by the mobility of David Goffin and solved a game in which he started with a disadvantage break, with a blunt score: 6-4, 6-0 and 6-2 in 1h: 58 He had never lost so few games the Serbian in the quarterfinals of a major.

Djokovic reaches already 275 victories in Grand Slams, 70 in the British tournament, whose semifinal reaches for the ninth time in 13 participations, fantastic statistics. Now rests before facing Bautista on Friday, who could with Pella.

Goffin served his leg speed, except to give himself the pleasure of getting ahead in the first set with a break for 3-4. Because the Balkan reacted with unbridled fury: a partial of 10-0 with which he took that first heat, he also won the second and opened with advantage the third. Goffin could only win two games in that bitter time for him that ended with a scandalous intermediate result, 15-2. Tremendous and incontestable.

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