Dalla Porta's colossal victory ahead of Ramírez and Canet

The first eleven crossed the finish line in a second and the Italian took the lead by two points to Arón, who rallied to the podium from twenty-second place.

Another Moto3 race, this time at the Sachsenring circuit, with a colossal victory for Dalla Porta, who crossed the finish line with 72 thousandths of advantage over Ramirez and 120 over Canet, and with the first eleven in a handkerchief of a second.

The two Spaniards stayed at the gates of the victory and even managed to lead the test, but it was the day of Dalla Porta, predestined in the German GP to achieve his first victory of the season and the second in his world career. The Italian was the one who aborted the escape attempt of his teammate Ramírez, who came to have six tenths of advantage after the test. And is that here hardly come to see team orders.

El Cadiz had left much of his options in that attempt, because he punished the tires more than the account, which was linked to the problems arising from a strange injury suffered on Saturday. They had to infiltrate his left knee after suffering a bad gesture, without falling off the bike. That made it difficult several times at the end of the straight to change gears on his Honda.

As for Canet, his comeback to the podium was the important, because he started from the 22nd second place of the grid. He was about to fall several times, received a warning for exceeding the limits of the route and was touched with several pilots, which did not prevent him from facing the last lap leading the race. He arrived first down the slide and, at the entrance of the penultimate turn, he was passed by a pair of two Leopard Racing riders.

From there there were no changes in the podium places, because they all knew how to close the door in the last turn. Behind the top three, Raúl Fernández crossed the fifth goal, also surpassed by McPhee, and signed his best result in the world. The pupil of Aspar in Sama Qatar Angel Nieto was satisfied and upset at the same time, because he dreams of the podium for a long time and here he narrowly escaped.

The one who had a day to forget was Alonso Lopez, who looked with options to do something big in Germany, but fell on the first lap when he was eighth and his bike was swallowed by Rodrigo. Both were very lucky that the rest of the squad could dodge them and emerge unscathed.

Mother happy that the Spaniard leaves Germany the rookie Sergio Garcia, again in the points with a good eleventh place. He was the one who closed the large group head to 1064. Further back Masia ended. The Valencian was 16th and his downturn may be a consequence of the bad environment that prevails in his team, the Bester Capital Dubai, which wants to leave as soon as possible and change his current KTM for a Honda for the next course. Arenas, meanwhile, was 21st after suffering a fall and resume the march and no options.

After this show seen in Sachsenring, there is leader change, because Dalla Porta now commands two points ahead of Canet. The Italian he has become the eighth different winner of the season and has had the extra prize of a leader who had been occupying the Valencian solo since Jerez and for which he will continue to fight.

Photos from as.com
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