Carla Suárez: "I want to be a mother soon ... and I will not be back"

Carla Suárez lives her last courses as a player and could pass in the ranking to Garbiñe Muguruza if she wins Serena Williams on Monday. He spoke with AS.

Carla Suárez lives her last seasons as a professional player (she wants to be a mother soon) and is the constant of Spanish women's tennis when she fails the national number one, Garbiñe Muguruza, to which she could pass in the world ranking if she wins on Monday the great Serena Williams. Of that and many other things he spoke with a small group of journalists and afterwards alone with AS in Wimbledon.

How is he being in Wimbledon?

I'm happy, really, because here it's never easy for me to play and adapt to Grass. I do not finish being comfortable, although little by little I am advancing.

But from the outside it looks good, what do you mean when you say that it is not comfortable?

I obviously have a level and I'm winning matches, but I'm used to it everything goes slower, to be able to support better ... When you run the sensation here is different, because you can not slide. There are little things that you have been doing all your life and on grass you have to change them a bit. I have to play more crouched. The serve and the rest are very important, the boat is very irregular and I can not adapt completely, I am 85%, to see if I can reach 100% .

What are the chances against Serena Williams?

No tengo very favorable face to face (0-6). The last time I played against her (in 2015, Madrid) was not the Serena of now, logically. It has probably been the best in history and the numbers are there, but I think it is more vulnerable now.

You have not had another better time ...

May be, even if I had not chosen this surface. It is a new opportunity and I will forget everything that has happened against her in the previous matches. It's a new one and I have my options.

How do you see the American?

Before was unstoppable and now does not compete as often, and that maybe it takes a bit of competitiveness. The players already know that it is not the Serena of before and at the end they are also passing the years, and that physically counts ... But to a game you never know. It's not like before, but you always have to be careful with it. I've always thought that I could hurt her, because I can rampage with her one on one. I have never done more than three games, I think, but this is a different surface and with it (37 years) I have never played here.

Dice that can hurt, how?

I have to be fine with the serve, in the first and the second ball. Those first two shots are the most important, I have to match him there. Once the point is in play, at the end is a player like any other.

It has come to you well to play away from the spotlight, on small tracks?

It does not hurt, because I'm used to, in the First rounds of Grand Slams I usually play, but I do not like it. I adapt and it is what I have, but I prefer the central clues, because I know I can be better.

It is one step away from overcoming Garbiñe Muguruza in the world ranking, what do you think?

No we compete between us. But hey, the fact of being able to say that you are up can be positive. It's something that I've already lived, but the important thing is to add up every week.

Do you think we do not value it enough?

For nothing. Let's see, I can not compare myself to Garbiñe (Muguruza), because he has won two Grand Slams and has been number one. I can not be at your level, that has to be clear. They are comparisons that neither interest me nor like me. I do not play for the press, I play for myself, for my team ... also for the media that are now here, but I do not think about that. I give zero importance to that kind of thing. I'm not looking for fame, I'm looking for my work to go well after all the sacrifice I do.

He said that she wants to be a mother, will she be soon?

I would not like to be a mother with an advanced age. This year I am 31 and I would like to be soon, I do not know if next year will be the last one, or 2021. But much more I will not continue playing because I have the goal of being a mother and I want to be sooner rather than later. It will come only, but once it is, I will not play tennis again.

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