Buemi puts an end to his long drought and Vergne is forced to wait

The Frenchman was left scoreless after a real hell and the Swiss, who won two years later, Di Grassi and Evans are still in contention for the title.

Bathing in champagne in New York a year later. He dreamed it a lot and maybe he will, but it was not after Saturday's race. A Vergne was all twisted at first and, although he tried his hardest to come back, he still ended up worse with an accident on the last lap when he was in the points. That added to the victory of Buemi, that he won from the pole after two years of drought, the second of Evans and the surprising fifth of Di Grassi, forces him to wait to try to be champion on Sunday.

Because the classification would not have been enough signal, the first lap of the race on Saturday left clear to Vergne that I would go through hell. Leaving tenth in the middle of the group, a position always dangerous, was found with an incident that forced him to go through the pits to change the nose of his car: Bird touched 'Pechito' and JEV could not avoid hitting Evans and Paffett.

Cold whisper for French. It did not depend on itself, but on what Di Grassi did ... and Buemi. Nobody had the Swiss in the fight for the title, nor himself, but adding a victory to his pole leaving the race open for today. The Brazilian's options to achieve the same thing went to finish eighth, and at 15 minutes he was tenth. Y Evans also got into the cabals leaving overtaking everywhere.

Buemi sweated to keep Lynn behind until the Jaguar failed the Brit. Out the Safety Car and Vergne prayed 15 minutes from the end, but it was worth nothing: tras back to ninth, ran into Massa and destroyed the car again. While, Buemi, Evans and Di Grassi crossed the goal smiling . They stay at 26, 25 and 22 points. Winning a title with a career like that is impossible ...

Photos from as.com
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