Bautista has won Djokovic twice this year: "Those victories serve but do not add up"

Bautista won Djokovic in the semifinals of Doha and the eighth in Miami. His coach, Pepe Vendrell, believes that they give him "the confidence and confidence that he can compete".

Roberto Bautista faces his Wimbledon semifinal this Friday (14:00, #Vamos) against Novak Djokovic with two close and hopeful precedents. Castellón has won the Serbian twice this year, in the semifinals of Doha and in the eighth in Miami, both times on a hard track and for the same result: double 6-4.

Although the particular balance clearly favors Djokovic ( 7-3, with another triumph of Bautista in the semifinals of Shanghai 2016) and have never been measured before in hierba, the victories of this course are important for their morale. Pepe Vendrell, the Spanish coach, says "they serve, but they do not add up". "They're worth it to have the confidence and confidence that they can compete, to see which match develops" , explains the coach, who believes that the pressure is "for Djokovic". "He fights for the Grand Slams, for that little classification he has with Nadal and Federer" .

Vendrell thinks that Bautista "has to make his match". "Believe from start to finish and if there are opportunities, be prepared." The Valencian coach described for AS the personality of his tennis player: "He is very simple, very stable and focused on routines. That's his character, just like mine, we do things quite similarly, in our comfort zone. " And he also talked about his characteristics as a player: "He has a lot of intensity, a very stable and solid game, aggressive to the rest and of high rhythms, the directions are controlled, with very good hand. This is his DNA and he has improved a lot with the reverse, he loses little track and feels protagonist because he gains meters, he gives security in his system "For Vendrell, Roberto has experienced" a process to believe in his abilities ". "We have worked with acceptance, that perfection does not exist and that starting from positive thinking, believing in you and not missing day by day, he has realized that it is possible, the level has it" .

No the trainer surprises the game of Baptist in grass: "It is not surface in which he needs time, the connection is immediate" . Against Djokovic, they want to think about their strengths: "We must do well the things we think we have to do against Novak to try to lead him to a situation of discomfort, that he does not lead the matches as he has done in the last rounds. Cruising speed is hard to sustain you. " Finally, Vendrell says that his tennis player "has room for improvement", but does not want to "speak of dimensions or objectives", and says it is "very nice to be in a semifinals with Nadal, Federer and Djokovic." "You have to convince yourself not what your site is, but what you deserve to be there."

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