Barça already has the money and expects to pay today for Griezmann

He still has pending banking procedures to enforce the clause of rescission of the French that he hopes to resolve this Friday or, at the latest, on Monday.

El culebrón Griezmann, although it seems impossible, is nearing the end. El Barcelona will try to pay today the 120 million euros of the clause of the French player on the horn that marks the end of los 30 days of vacations that wielded the striker do not show up for pre-season training with Atlético, a club he still belongs to until the contract is settled.

On late Thursday afternoon, Barcelona still did not guarantee payment for Friday adding bureaucratic issues. The problem to collect the money, therefore, it seems already solved without the need to resort to bank loans and everything depends on the proper paperwork of these financial operations.

It is precisely everything related to these bureaucratic procedures the reason why the Barcelona no dare to say for sure that this viern is will be the day. In addition, there is the circumstance that LaLiga closes at four in the afternoon. The morning promises to be frantic. In the event that all the papers did not arrive on time, the payment would be made on Monday.

Once deposited the clause, LaLiga must validate the payment and that's when the signing will be official. It will be that moment in the Barcelona will be launched and will make public the presentation calendar of the French player. For now, the most optimistic forecast that would be Monday morning.

In any case, is paid today or Monday, the end of the tunnel is close. Griezmann lives on vacation in Ibiza, from where he only plans to move to Barcelona. Under no circumstances is it expected to be incorporated, nor for a single day to the training of Atlético de Madrid in Los Angeles de San Rafael. Of course, the Atleti is in its right to sanction you economically if the payment does not arrive before the horn sounds tomorrow at four.

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