Backaert, a farmer on the run

The 29-year-old Belgian from Wanty entered the day's getaway. He has a family farm where he works part time: "I relieved my father."

Frederik Backaert, Belgian of 29 years of the Wanty, got into the escape of the day to give visibility to his team, invited by the organization of the Tour. He takes part in his second French round and has a triumph in his record: a stage in the 2016 Vuelta a Austria. His height, 1.88 meters, and his reddish hair make him a very characteristic cyclist, with an story even more particular: he works as a farmer and rancher on the family farm. "Now I consider myself a full-time professional and part-time farmer. When I hang up the bike I will relieve my father at the head of the farm we own, "he declares with pride.

Their tierras are located in the Flemish Ardennes, on the slopes of Berendries. "The highest hill in the entire Zwalm region," boasts Backaert. They have more than 100 hectares and 200 head of cattle. And he does not hesitate when evaluating his two professions: "The field seems much harder than practicing any sport" . He loves "limousine cows". In his daily routine he completes the morning training and the afternoon tasks. And during October, when his colleagues normally take vacations, he touches him from plowing to milking: "I feel just as happy as I was at the Tour" .

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