A bonus dress Ciccone yellow for 6 seconds

Alaphilippe resisted with the roosters and even started on the final climb, but could not keep the lead. Landa also attacked. Teuns conquered the stage.

If the legend of La Planche des Belles Filles is fulfilled, Giulio Ciccone will win the Tour de France 2019. So it will not be fulfilled.

This legend says, or said so far, that the cyclist who came out dressed in yellow from this top was finished crowning in the Champs Elysees, which has an added merit because the Beautiful Girls have always been included in the first third of the route. Brad Wiggins (2012), Vicenzo Nibali (2014) and Chris Froome (2017) built the recent precedents, so recent that it may have been daring to have described it as a legend with such joy.

The royal legend of The Table of Beautiful Girls does not It is in cycling, but in the origins of its name, in the seventeenth century. The young women of Plancher les Mines fled to the mountains during the Thirty Years' War to escape the Swedish soldiers and avoid being raped. When they were cornered, the girls jumped into the lake, preferring to commit suicide than being outraged. There are two versions on why La Planche. One says that they were thrown from a platform, which would translate as well, although the geographical conditions of the terrain put in doubt. Another points out that a soldier recorded an epitaph on a table: for the Beautiful Girls.

The sports legend of the Vosges is not in this rise, not yet, but in the Alsace Ball, the first port in the history of the Tour. René Pottier crowned it in 1905. The first climber. The ball was also incorporated into the layout of this Thursday, although far from the goal, 55 kilometers. The day's escapees reached their maximum advantage there, nine minutes. Among them were De Gendt, Wellens, Berhane, Teuns ... And also Ciccone, the best classified of the fugue, 1:43. In those mythical ramps, perhaps pushed by the mystique of a port that also enthroned Eddy Merckx in 1969, Movistar decided to take the head of the pursuit. After conceding 1:05 in the team time trial, the telephone workers remembered that their land is the mountain. The words must be converted into facts.

To stamp the facts, Alejandro Valverde himself, with his shiny rainbow jersey, put himself at the head of the game in the Chevrères, the penultimate of the seven teeth that made up the saw of the day. And he repeated in the Beautiful Girls, the final fang. When he pulled out of his head, no one started. But we were not climbers? The Ineos then took over, timidly, after the whole day of escaqueo. And at last he started a telephone: Mikel Landa, to the attack. Land on the Tour. That religion. The Groupama cast a cable to the almighty Ineos; Thibaut Pinot also wants to win the Tour. Landa succumbed. And then stood Alaphilippe, who had resisted with the roosters the first great mountain. And then Thomas, who claims his dorsal braid 1. Little chicha for such a demanding route.

The winner came out of the breakaway: Dylan Teuns. And also the leader: Giulio Ciccone, although in this case the calculators had to be removed for a long time. The Italian had achieved an 8-second bonus at Chevrères, one of those intermediate prizes that the Tour has innovated this year. To that we must add 6 "for his second place in the stage. Ciccone is the new yellow jersey for the bonuses. There is no legend.

Photos from as.com
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