Willian José asked to review his contract at the end of the season

The agent of the Brazilian called the president of the Royal Society, Jokin Aperribay, to negotiate a new renewal.

The future of Willian José in the Real Sociedad is unknown ... even though he has a contract until June 2024. The intention of all parties is that the next season continue wearing the txuri-urdin shirt, but nobody discards I'm not going to do it And that's because there is movement behind the scenes that can influence the future of the Brazilian striker.

From the start, the Brazilian went on vacation because his agent had asked the president, Jokin Aperribay realistic, a revision of the contract of Joseph Joseph final of this past season. Of entrance that possibility was discarded.

Hay to remember that Willian Jose renewed its contract relatively little, less than a year, in October of the past year, when it signed until the year 2024 with clause of 70 million euros. So Aperribay considered that it was not the time for it, that it was very close to the previous revision, and received the refusal of the San Sebastian club, although they were summoned to see later if it was necessary to undertake that revision of contract.

This means that the club did have at that time with Willian Jose, and that the Brazilian then took for granted his continuity in the San Sebastian club, because he has a contract and because he has repeated several times that he wants to wear the number 9 that he left Agirretxe last year in the elastic txuri-urdin.

Of that scene apparently nothing has changed, although there is swell in the background. Because the representatives of Willian José have received offers from clubs of the Premier, and in one case they came to put on the table an offer for the Brazilian and a proposal to move the club from San Sebastian, which has never been closed in band to study interesting offers that arrive for their players. That proposal was already transferred to the Real, who has been studying it, without actually rejecting it, so the option that Willian José can leave the Real is today on the table. It is a real risk.

That proposal that comes from a club in the Premier League, as we already have, was more than half of the clause of the Brazilian, of more than 45 million, but all that amount would not go to the coffers of the Real, because 30% of the federal rights of Willian José belong to the Maldonado investment fund, so the Real would enter between 30 and 35 million for the operation. The agents do not see with bad eyes a possible movement of his player, while Willian Jose remains attentive to what is happening, but he is very calm, because of course he looks with good eyes to stay in the Real, as he has repeated in his last interviews in San Sebastián. But the decision does not depend only on him.

The investment fund also presses the Real to do business with the Brazilian, proposing even other alternatives to the San Sebastian club in case it agrees to sell it. The option, for the moment, seems remote and complicated to come out ahead, but it is far from disposable.

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