"We want to be the pride of Huesca and the province"

The CEO Manolo Torres, the general director Josete Ortas, the counselor José Antonio Martín 'Petón' and the sports director Rubén García have analyzed the sports news of Huesca.

Manolo Torres CEO, General Manager Josete Ortas, Delegate José Antonio Martín 'Petón' and Sports Director Rubén García have tried to regain normality after a few weeks of many turbulence with an appearance in which they analyzed the sports news of the Sports Society Huesca: "We want to be the pride of Huesca and the province," said Josete Ortas, who has reported that next week will present the subscribers campaign.

None of those present wanted to give any name on possible additions, although Rubén García explained that there will be news soon: "I'm not going to give any name, but that does not mean we're unemployed, we can not rush in. Yes, it's true that during the next two weeks we'll be able to announce some signings. attentive at the end of the playoff of promotion to First, which is going to be something that I think will reactivate the market ".

In the same line, Petón has also shown: "What the body asks us to do is close an operation to announce names, but that would be against the club's transfer policy, either for spending more or for not matching the profile. There are almost closed operations, but they still can not be announced. We will have a loan, to be able to purchase to create assets. We are looking for emotionally high players, exemplary people. We are convinced that this will be achieved. It is important to sign players of the category, but with hunger. "

As for the names of the current squad, Rubén García, who has assured that there will be six friendly preseason, has started with the goal:" Jovanovic wants to play and I I said that it will be a very competitive position. Santamaría had an offer that he did not accept and we have not heard again. We want a goalkeeper with performance in the category. Michel wants me to be able to start the plays, but the experience says that the goalkeeper must have performance, that he has good numbers in Segunda ".

Regarding the defense, the sports director also has it clear:" We look for centers with speed. A central southpaw and another that can play from the side. We want the sides to incorporate a lot. The Akapo thing has been parked during this week. With Luisinho there is no news. "The next line is the center of the field:" There's the key in the matches. We will try to bring people with experience in First or Second or even with international profile. We want dynamic people who come to the opposite area. Eugeni Valderrama? No wonder they have an interest in their good work. We have him for next year. It will be one of the important pieces. "As for the attack, Rubén García has indicated that Gallar, Ferreiro and Enric Gallego are high-class players and intends to add speed to that line:" It can be fundamental in Second ".

Finally, Manolo Torres has referred to the cases of Álvaro García and Saman Ghoddos: "The FIFA dispute resolution chamber resolved the claim. We do not know the economic scope, but we are going to benefit greatly. As for Álvaro, we had rights acquired by the player. When he left for Rayo we were left with the variables and with a percentage of a future transfer ".

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