Vinicius: less vacation to earn the job

He will return to training next week in Rio de Janeiro. The player wants to show the French coach his commitment to the club.

Vinicius Junior is enjoying his vacation in Rio de Janeiro intensely, but the break has its days numbered. The young Real Madrid striker will return to training already thinking about the next next week , more than two weeks before the date of his presentation with the white club. His physiotherapist, Thiago Lobo, will arrive in Rio de Janeiro on Monday to start training, with his head set on a single goal: to win with Zidane.

Before going on vacation to Brazil, Vinicius had more than one conversation with his coach, who transmitted su confidence and the promise that he has with him for next season. And the player wants to demonstrate to the French legend who deserves his support.

After a larga season, Vinicius wanted to rest and for his first vacation as a player of Real Madrid he decided to stay 'at home', in Rio de Janeiro, where he passes the day enjoying the beach and surrounded by its people. The boy always likes to always have a full house and, although he has his family and staff living with him in the Spanish capital , he missed his friends from the Flamengo quarry and his city. Its urbanization is in front of the beach of Barra da Tijuca, where every day goes out to play the 'altinha', a rondo in the arena where the goal is that not drop the ball. And if it's bad, play the games of 'futmesa' (a kind of ping-pong with a soccer ball) on the garden porch. The other day he visited Ronaldinho Gaúcho, who lives two houses of his own.

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