Vinicius, fan of Neymar: "He sends me videos of his dribbling"

Fox Brasil issued a small preview of the interview they will broadcast tomorrow with Vinicius Junior: "He is my usual idol, he sends me videos of his dribbling and he tells me to do it as 'young'."

Vinícius Junior, who will not go to the Copa América, praised Neymar: "I try to do many things in the field similar to Neymar's. He always sends me his videos and fixes his dribbles to see if I can He tells me to do it as 'juvenile' ".

The Real Madrid player has never hidden his great admiration for Neymar. In fact, on more than one occasion he admitted that he was the player with whom he most identified himself. In this preview of the interview that will be broadcast tonight, he went further: "Yes, he is my idol, he is a guy who does things like nobody" .

Vinicius did not forget about Ronaldinho, no doubt, another great dribbler: "I also see Ronaldinho's videos too, they are my idols and I admire a lot, along with Neymar, my other favorite player of all time". The Brazilian continues on vacation while thinking about his next season at Real Madrid.

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