Vertonghen, on Eriksen: "I hope he stays at Tottenham"

The central Tottenham, appeared in a press conference in the preview of Belgium-Scotland. Then he trained in an open session for less than 15 minutes to the media.

Jan Vertonghen (32), central Tottenham, appeared in a press conference in the preview of Belgium-Scotland on Tuesday. After training under the orders of Roberto Martinez in an open session for less than 15 minutes to the media and which was attended by Real Madrid Courtois (27) and Hazard (28) .

Eriksen statements on Madrid: "I did not see the interview, so it's hard for me to judge him, I can only say he's a fantastic player, I've known him since he was 16. I hope he stays at Tottenham next season, he's an exceptional player."

Roberto Martínez: "He is very understanding, gives us a lot of freedom and trusts us" .

Last precedent against Scotland: "That 0-4 a year ago was in a different situation than the current one, Scotland has a different coach and that was a friendly, now I expect more of them, it will be a more physical match, more difficult, also that they will be more defensive, I will not say their weaknesses, they have Robertson, one of the The best of Europe in your position. I have no desire to rematch because he won with Liverpool the final of the Champions League. There are three points, not a revenge. "

Estado: " I always want to play, but now it has come even better after the Champions League final. Honestly, I'm waiting for tomorrow's eleven o'clock at night and we can finish the season with a victory. "

Analysis: " Against Kazakhstan it was difficult. The defenders did not have much incidence, but it was not our fault, it is that they did not come close. It bothered me because I did not touch a lot of ball ... ".

Increasing difficulty: " I expect more from Scotland than from Kazakhstan. Even if I lost 3-0 in Kazakhstan, because the circumstances there are always adverse. Now we have a game with more concerns, we have to play as lately. "

Learning: " It has been a long time since the last defeat in qualifying matches, but these days are important. You always learn something, it is not true that it is not worth anything. Each match is worth three points ".

No precaution: " It would be a mistake to think about injuries because it is the last game of the season ".

Mousa Dembélé: " I hope he will return to the national team, both as a player and as a person. When I talk to him he always tells me positive things about Chinese football. "

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