UEFA's sanction consolidates Milan's dream for Ceballos

The penalty revokes a sentence that forced to adjust the budget in 2021. In Italy they speak of an operation of more than 40 million, but Madrid would only think of a transfer.

The Milan continues with its reform plans to return to the path of success and this time, the step back that involves leaving Europe is only to gain momentum. The pact of the Rossoneri with UEFA will exclude them from this Europa League but it will give them more room to adjust their budgets or what is the same, will allow a last big operation to close a competitive template in order to fight for more ambitious objectives and according to their history.

The sentence that forced them to balance the accounts before of 2021 has been revoked as part of the exclusion pact of European competitions and this leaves enough in place to undertake two key operations: the first, closing the signing of Theo Hernández (20 million, assigned with mandatory purchase option) and the second, the hiring of a first level player whose transfer is between 45-50 million.

According to Corriere della Sera, 1 111111 The star player that Maldini wants for Milan is Dani Ceballos. As As reported, the Real Madrid midfielder does not want to be traded and sees a transfer with good eyes since he knows that Zinedine Zidane does not count on him and that in Madrid he does not will enjoy all the necessary minutes.

In the white offices have assessed the departure of Ceballos in 50 million euros, just the money available to Milan to undertake their signing, but are not sure of wanting to part with it and would demand a repurchase option in the transfer of the midfielder to San Siro.

In addition to from Italy, As already reported the interest of Tottenham in Ceballos and the Arsenal has also entered strongly in the bid for him.

While deciding its future, Dani Ceballos is playing at a very good level in the European Under-21 with Rojita. Real Madrid scored against Italy and Poland in the group stage and this Sunday dispute will play the final against Germany at 20:45 h.

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