UEFA Ranking: Madrid leads, followed by Barça and 4th in Atlético

The Bayern sneaks into the podium. Valencia has climbed 39 places this season and is the seventh best Spanish. Sevilla, 7th, Villarreal, 22nd and Athletic, 34th, improve him.

Real Madrid is crowning, one more season, the UEFA ranking for its European merits. Despite the elimination in the last 16 this season, Zidane's team remains at the top of the table for having lifted three of the last five Champions . In addition, Liverpool and Chelsea, champions of the current editions of Champions League and Europa League, do not accumulate enough merits years ago to overthrow the club of Concha Espina.

In fact, the two Englishmen do not appear in the first positions either. With 146,000 points, Madrid leads the ranking with 8,000 advantage to Barcelona. Third is Bayern (128,000), followed by Atlético (127,000), Juventus (124,000) and Manchester City (106,000). The Sevilla, dominator of the Europa League for years, sneaks into the seventh position, with 104,000 points.

PSG (103,000), Arsenal (101,000) and Oporto (93,000) close the Top 10. After them and if the two champions appear : Liverpool and Chelsea. To find another Spanish you have to go back to position 22, where is Villarreal with 68,000 points. The Valencia is 39º; Betis, 74th; Real Sociedad, 75º; and Celta, 76º. The ranking studies the performance in Europe in the last five seasons.

UEFA ranking

1. Real Madrid: 146,000 points.

2. Barcelona: 138.000.

3. Bayern: 128.000.

4. Atlético: 127.000.

5. Juventus: 124,000,

6. Manchester City: 106,000,

7. Sevilla: 104,000,

8. PSG: 103,000,

9. Arsenal: 101,000,

10. Oporto: 93,000,


22. Villarreal: 68.000.

34. Athletic: 46.000.

39. Valencia: 37.000.

74. Betis: 10,000.

75. Real Sociedad: 10.500. **

76. Celta: 19.000.

Reviews the full ranking.

** La Real has pe or ranking that the Betis although it has more points because in the order they also influence the outstanding seasons or the last years.

The Valencia highlights

The Valencia follows of congratulations. UEFA has published its ranking of clubs and the entity has grown 30 positions with respect to the previous year: from 69 to 39. This classification studies the performance of the teams in European competitions, where this year has added a total of 23,000 points.

Marcelino could not qualify to Valencia for the eighth of the Champions in one of the groups of death. Finally, they were ahead Juventus and Manchester United and went bottom in Young Boys. The Valencian third place qualified for the Europa League, competition where they could show their football potential.

The first victim was Celtic. Then it was Krasnodar with a goal on the Guedes horn that gave the ticket to the quarterfinals. Before Villarreal, Valencia exposed their potential and defeated Calleja 5-1. In the semifinals it could not with the Arsenal. Aubameyang and Lacazette, plethoric, were the main protagonists of a strong balance (7-3) .

Next season, Valencia will have a new opportunity to grow in the ranking with its participation in the Champions. This was certified in the last day of LaLiga Santander for the second consecutive season.

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