Tug-of-war of Pelicans-Lakers by Anthony Davis: from "there is no hurry" to wanting the transfer and

The negotiations by Anthony Davis, one of the most important players in the market, enter a decisive phase with the Lakers.

Anthony Davis is one of the many protagonists that from this final stretch of the season until it opens market officially, on the afternoon of June 30, is in the fore. It is one of the important. It has been since he made it clear in winter that he wanted to leave the Pelicans, that he was not going to renew and that he was looking for a new destination (if possible, Los Angeles Lakers) .

Now neither Pelicans nor Lakers are involved in the fight for the title and have free way to negotiate, with the other teams also in the garlic.

The team of New Orleans, now with David Griffin in charge of these operations, has reopened its mailbox of requests: it is already negotiating with the franchises. It is expected to be an agreement to several bands, but the Lakers are in the center because Davis wants it and because they are the ones who made the best offer back in February, rejected by a Dell Demps that after that mess ended in unemployment.


Griffin has spoken in the past few hours. What he wants will be imposed because the player is the property of the franchise to which he represents. And he wants to pause: "I do not think of anything other than the meeting with Zion and his family, I have an open mind: if everything evolves in such a way that we have to move to transfer now to Anthony Davis, we will do it, but if not, no, we are not in a hurry to do any of this now, there is no possession clock here. "


The other part of the negotiations (if we think they are the best placed team) has a very different vision. There are two reasons: first, for not letting the Celtics get involved, which will happen from that June 30; on the other, also by timing. Adrian Wojnarowski commented on ESPN last night in relation to the Lakers need a change to have more options in summer and LeBron have someone else next: "Right now the Lakers are not 'contenders' and are not very well considered by the important free agents ".

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