Tour de France 2019: stages, profiles and route

Check here the 21 stages that make up the tour of the Tour de France 2019 (from July 6 to 28) and their respective profiles.

The Tour de France 2019 will start on July 6 in Brussels and, after two stages in Belgian lands, the second of which will be a team time trial, will go on French roads and mountains in an edition that will not feature Chris Froome or Tom Dumoulin . Next, we review the complete layout of the race:

Stage 1. Llana - 194.5 km (Saturday, July 6) Llana

The Tour de France 2019 will start in Belgium. The first stage will start and arrive in Brussels, the capital of the country. Unlike other editions, with a prologue or start time trial, this time will be an online stage that will even have two ports, both near the beginning of the stage: Mur de Grammont (3rd) and Bosberg (4th), with steps Classics of the Tour of Flanders. They will be a total of 194.5 kilometers in a favorable day for the sprinters. The day will pass through Charleroi to return, later, back to Brussels. At stake, in addition to the stage win, is to be the first to wear yellow. The Belgians, with more motivation before their public.

Stage 2. Time trial by teams - 27.5 km (Sunday, July 7)

New day in Brussels. On this occasion, it will be a 27.6 kilometer flat team time trial that will end in the famous Atomium of the Belgian capital, next to the Heysel football stadium. The leadership will again be at stake, since theoretically the sprinters will not be able to defend it. There is the case of Wout Van Aert, Belgian also, who in the past Dauphiné won a victory to the sprint and another in a time trial.

Stage 3. Half mountain - 215 km (Monday, July 8)

Third stage that will serve as a transition between Belgium and France, since it starts in Binche and ends in Épernay. Halfway through stage (105 km) of the 215 of the day, the race enters French roads. It will be a day with four ports, two fourth and third as many, with a slightly chopped end up (5.5%). It can be a day for the escape or try alone in the final kilometers.

Stage 4. Llana - 121 km (Tuesday, July 9)

The second full day for the sprinters. They will be 213 kilometers with two small heights (4th and 3rd) in a stage in which the teams of the sprinters must take control of the day, especially in the final kilometers. The arrival to Nancy presents a wide straight line so that the fastest men of the peloton can dispute in full conditions the triumph on the fourth day.

Stage 5. Half mountain - 175.5 km (Wednesday, July 10)

Suitable for a getaway It will be 175 kilometers with four ports, two second and third as many, the last one being 20 kilometers from the finish line. Being a mid-mountain day, the favorites should already be alert to any movement, although it seems difficult to see differences between the men of the general in this field.

Stage 6. Mountain - 160.5 km (Thursday, July 11 )

The first pure day of mountain of the Tour de France 2019. In total, six ports in a stage of 160 kilometers with a large gap. There will be three ports in the first half of the stage and the other three in the remaining part of the day, so they will be well distributed. Le Markstein (1st, 10.8 km at 5.4%) will be the first obstacle faced by runners after 43 kilometers on the bike. The Ballon d'Álsace (11km to 5.8) at 105 km from the stage will be another demanding climb. The final will be the most demanding: Planche des Belles Filles (7km to 8.7%), with a final section that houses a barrage and a maximum slope of 24%, a few meters from the finish line. They will be the first important differences in the general classification.

Stage 7. Llana - 230 km (Friday, July 12)

The longest day of this edition, with 230 kilometers between Belfort and Chalon-sur-Saone and with opportunity for the sprinters after the demanding previous day. Three levels, two fourths and one third, in a day that will be controlled by the team leader of the race and in the final kilometers will be the teams of the sprinters who take the command.

Stage 8. Average mountain - 200 km (Saturday, July 13)

Half-mountain stage with seven ports between Macon and Saint-Etienne with 200 kilometers. In theory, a good opportunity for the brave of the getaways although the favorites of the general should also be vigilant. Five of the dimensions are second category while the last of all, to 18 of goal, is third. The race is already in the Central Massif. The first week of the race is completed, more demanding than in previous editions.

Stage 9. Half mountain - 170, 5 km (Sunday, July 14)

National day of France, stage in which the local runners always want protagonism and fight for the victory. The carrea will continue through the Central Massif in aday in which the runners will be 170 kilometers on the bicycle. There will be three ports. The most demanding will be the first of them, the Mur d'Aurec-sur-Loire, at 36 kilometers after leaving and which has peaks of 16%. The next two are of the third category. It will be an important day for the getaway, in which many French people hope to be. The stage ends in Brioude, the birthplace of one of the local idols, Romain Bardet.

Stage 10. Llana - 217, 5 km (Monday, July 15)

This time, Monday will not be a rest. New occasion for the sprinters in a long day, with 216 kilometers. There will be three dimensions. The first one will be a fourth one while the other three will be a minor category, third. The last one is more than 50 km from the finish line, so the teams of the sprinters will take the race since then after the work of the leader's teammates. It is the last day before the first break.

Break (Tuesday, July 16) Stage 11. Llana - 167 km (Wednesday, July 17)

The Pyrenees anteroom will serve for the sprinters to play again the triumph. It will be 167 kilometers between Alba and Tolouse with two small levels, third and fourth, the last one being 90 kilometers from the finish line. For the favorites, it will be the last day of respite, after the already accumulated of the race, before entering a decisive part of this Tour.

Stage 12: Mountain - 209 km (Thursday, July 18)

First Pyrenean stage that should Set the first significant differences between the favorites of the general. They will be a very hard 209 kilometers with departure in Toulouse and arrival in Bagneres de Bigorre, another mythical localities of the Tour de France. The runners will face three ports, two of them 1st category chained in the final stage of the stage: Peyresourde and Hourquette d'Ancizan. The arrival will not be high and the victory must be resolved in a vertiginous descent of 30 kilometers.

Stage 13: Individual time trial - 27 km (Friday, July 19)

Second and last test against the chrono in this Tour de France 2019, the single individual. The test is short, with departure and arrival in Pau, and a broken profile, so that climbers should not waste excessive time with respect to the great specialists. While the time trial will not be decisive in determining the winner of the Grande Boucle, more than one may be discarded from the final battle.

Stage 14: Mountain - 117 km (Saturday, July 20)

Very short match, only 117 kilometers, with departure in Tarbes and arrival at the fearsome Tourmalet. The first great mountain colossus of the Tour makes an appearance to decide a stage in which the 'roosters' of the general stand should be protagonists. Having little distance on the route and arriving after the time trial, with less wear, the great climbers will have much to say in the final at the top of the Tourmalet.

Stage 15: Mountain - 185 km (Sunday, July 21)

Etapa fearsome high mountain, with departure in Limoux and arrival at Foix Prat d'Albis. The route includes 4 ports distributed in the 185 kilometers of stage: one of the 2nd category and three of the 1st. It will be the second consecutive final in the Tour high with the goal in Foix Prat d'Albis, a long climb of 11.8 kilometers to 6.9% average slope. The forces will begin to be depleted and apart from the fight between the favorites, it could be a good day for a flight.

Break (Monday, July 22) Stage 16: Llana - 177 km (Tuesday, July 23)

An the last opportunities the sprinters will have to win a stage victory. Day of flat profile with departure and arrival in Nimes, which only presents a mountainous difficulty of fourth category in the middle of the route. The favorites should avoid untimely falls a few days before the end.

Stage 17: Half mountain - 200 km (Wednesday, July 24)

With the great accumulated wear and tear of the previous two weeks, the runners will face the last days of mountain. This long stage, of 200 kilometers with exit at Pont du Gard and arrival at Gap, has two ports: La Rochette de Buis (4th category) and Col de la Sentinelle (3rd). Once the latter is crowned, the victory will be decided in a short but intense 8.5-kilometer descent that leads to the finish line.

Stage 18: Mountain - 208km (Thursday, July 25)

Probably, the queen stage of this 2019 Tour In 208 kilometers, with exit in Embrun and arrival in Valloire, four harbors will be promoted, the last three practically chained and of the highest demand: Col de Vars (9.3 km to 7.5%), the fearsome Col 'Izoard (14.1 km to 7.3%), which is crowned at 2.360 meters, and the Col du Galibier (23 km to 5.1%). The arrival will not be high and, as in previous days, a descent of almost 20 kilometers will decide the triumph of stage.

Stage 19: Mountain - 126 km (Friday, 26 dJuly)

Without respite or time to recover the terrible effort of the previous day, riders will have to face another stage profile increasingly common in modern cycling: short and very intense. The route, of only 126 kilometers with departure in Saint Jean de Maurienne and arrival in Tignes, consists of five ports, two of them brutal and that will decide the stage: Col de l'Iseran (12.9 km to 7.5%) and Montée de Tignes (7.4 km to 7%). Both are linked by a descent of almost 30 kilometers, so the descent will also be key.

Stage 20: Mountain - 130 km (Saturday, July 27)

Stage with the same configuration as the previous one: a lot of mountain concentrated in a few kilometers . From the start in the town of Albertville, hostilities are expected to begin in a day of only 130 kilometers. Three ports will be surpassed (a 1st, a 2nd and a Hors Categorie) linked together, practically without flat terrain: Cormet de Roselend (19.9 km at 6%), Cote de Longefoy (6.6 km at 6) , 5%) and the fearsome Val Thorens (33.4 km at 5.5%), which will definitely decide the winner of the current edition of the Grande Boucle.

Stage 21: Llana - 128 km (Sunday, July 28)

With the general already decided, the runners will face the traditional arrival in Paris, with the classic circuit through the Champs Elysees. The start will take place in the town of Rambouillet and the last points of the mountain will be divided with two climbs of the 4th category at the beginning of the stage. Already in Paris, the sprinters will be those who play the triumph in the fastest goal located in the Champs-Elysées.

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