Tony Parker, the 'big three', the dynasties and the Spurs

The withdrawal of the French base puts the final point and final one of the most iconic 'big three' of the NBA and leaves behind a legacy for history.

After 18 years as a professional, Tony Parker has put an end to his career. A successful story full of triumphs that has ended with a brief message on social networks in which he announced his retirement. Four champion rings, an MVP of the Finals, 6 times All Star, member of the best quintets of the League ... countless awards in an extensive curriculum that will surely end with the Hall of Fame and his shirt of the San Antonio Spurs retired.

No it is an ending either. That shirt will hang in the AT & T Center next to, among others, those of Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili. The big three. Two words that are very used nowadays but that developed these three players to the maximum. Before there were others. We can talk about Magic-Kareem-Worthy. From Jordan-Pippen-Rodman. And one more famous, formed by Larry Bird, Kevin MacHale and Robert Parish in the Celtics of the 80s. But the classic trio, which reached its maximum expression, was that of the Spurs.

Since Gregg Popovich came to the bench of the franchise in 1996 after dismissing Bob Hill, many things changed in San Antonio. The technician did tanking in his first season to be able to select Tim Duncan in the first place of the draft of 1997. With him as a franchise player won in the year of the lockout, a very rare season and only 50 games. Phil Jackson defined it as the year of the asterisk and Popovich, who understood that the Zen Master took away the merits of the conquered championship, he never forgave that expression.

What was to come for Popovich and for Duncan had no asterisks or buts. Of course, it cost to win again. In 2000 the Lakers' yellow fever exploded, and the Spurs would clash with them in the 2001 playoffs receiving an ignominious 4-0 in the Western finals. That was precisely the debut of Parker, who was selected in the 28th place in the first round of the draft and began his adaptation to the team.

Lake the last piece. I would arrive at the following years. He was an Argentinean escort with extensive experience in Europe and who had been selected in the 57th place in the second round of the 1999 draft but had not yet made the jump. Until that moment. On October 29, 2002, Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker played their first game together.

The year they would lose again against the Lakers in the Western semifinals, but the nightmare would end the following year, when they would defeat the Angelenos for the first time He's been in a playoff series since 2000, infringing Phil Jackson for his first loss in the title playoffs since 2005, when he coached the Bulls. It was Pop's revenge on the Zen Master, rounding it off with the championship, which they won after defeating the Nets by 4-2. It was the first ring of the big three, and the last of David Robinson, spur myth that would retire at the end of that season.

Since then, the most famous trio in history would do nothing but increase his legend. Lost with the Lakers again in 2004 (Fisher and those 4 tenths) but beat the Pistons in 2005 to achieve a new championship with Duncan as MVP and Ginobili at a spectacular level. They fell again in 2006, this time against the Nowitzki Mavericks in the seventh game of the Western semifinals (at home). But again they won a year later. He went to the Cavs of a LeBron that would be his great rival years later and had Tony Parker as the main star . MVP of the Finals, first time in history that a European won. Probably the greatest success of his career.

Of the reinvention at the end

The following years supposed those of the bassoon of Duncan and the Spurs. Parker took the helm becoming the first option in attack of the team during the following seasons and adding nominations for the All Star and for the best quintets of the League. The team reinvented itself to achieve a collaborative game that would culminate with the Finals of 2013 (lost) and those of 2014 (won) .

It was the fifth ring for the franchise and the fourth for the big three. An incredible culmination to an association that ended in 2016, when Duncan retired after 19 years of professional career. It was a May 12, 2016. The last match of the trio, which was disbanded. Last season a new chapter was completed: Ginobili put an end to his career as a professional and Parker set course for the Hornets.

The base has continued active this season. He was the last man standing. He received a well-deserved ovation at the AT & T Center and it was a worthy year. He did not resolve doubts about whether it would be the last, but finally it has done it through social networks. With a simple statement. Same as Dunca. Like Ginobili. With DNA spur in the blood.

The achievements of the big three

Having shared costumes for 14 seasons, these three players have achieved numerous records and achievements together. Without going any further, they are the best trio in history. At least that's what the data says. Have achieved 575 victories in the regular season and 127 in the playoffs, absolute maximums. They advanced precisely to the aforementioned tandem formed by Bird, McHale and Parish in the Celtics, who stayed at 540 in the regular season. And playing more years. They are more than 70% victories for Texans. That is to say that of every four games they won (something more than) 3. Impressive

In addition, they have achieved many brands for their own, being all seasons that have played together over 50 wins, achieving individual awards (MVPs for Duncan, that of the Finals for Parker, Best Sixth Man for Ginobili) and having a connection on and off the field that few players have had within a culture in which individuality prevails. Nor have they ever had salaries as high as the superstars of today, and have managed to adjust salaries to accommodate other great players in the template. And they have won 4 NBA championships. Do not forget that.

But the achievements of these three players have transcended beyond mere statistical data. Han played in the era of the tall men, in the one of the pick and roll and in that of the triple. They have faced Kobe and Shaq, Nash and Stoudemire, Nowitzki, LeBron, Wade and Bosh and even, in the end, the Golden State Warriors. And they have won in all those stages and before all those players.

The big three of the Spurs is over. We only have his legacy left.

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