Toni Nadal criticizes the Wimbledon seeds: "They feel too special"

In an interview in El Larguero, the uncle and former coach of Rafa Nadal reviewed the controversy of the seeds and analyzed the options of his nephew before Wimbledon.

Toni Nadal went through the microphones of El Larguero of Cadena SER to give his impressions on the controversy aroused by the draw of seeds of Wimbledon, that placed Roger Federer ahead of Rafa Nadal, despite the fact that the Balearic is going in front of the Swiss in the ATP classification. "It's not a surprise for us, it's a familiar subject, Wimbledon los tend to differentiate themselves, among other things, from things like this, it's a bit ugly at the end when there's a classification and they go their own way but that's what they've done All the life ".

The technician criticized the measure of the London tournament and said that he would like more to follow the criteria ATP. "They are used to going their own way and I guess they act like that because they feel special. Maybe they think they have the right to do things as they want It's a bad beginning to feel someone special It's true that it's a very important tournament but it would be more logical that they were based on what the whole world is based on, , which are the measures by which the ATP circuit is governed, and it is not something that surprises me since they have been doing it that way for many years ".

'Tío Toni ' believes that the Wimbledon model does not respect the ATP circuit. "I think this system is disrespectful above all to the ATP circuit, there is a regulation. It would be a disrespect to Rafael if they deliberately acted against Rafael, they act according to their criteria and their criterion prevails over the of the rest of the year, all the tournaments join the circuit to the world rankings, not ATP circuits and they take the liberty to do it at their own pace If everyone did the same, it would be a total mess. I think they feel too special ". Therefore, ask Wimbledon to follow the same scale as the rest of the tournaments. "Basically it's a matter of disrespect to the rules The rules that govern the ATP are those that have to rule in the ATP, in the professional circuit, but when they do not, something goes wrong. They are special in the organization of the tournament, they do it very well, but in this they should act with the principles that govern the ATP, which is what it touches. something to blame the ATP, because if they said 'listen to me, or you laugh at the circuit or quiet that you do not play', what would happen? Would the Futures play? That would have ended. "

Toni Nadal also valued how his nephew came to Wimbledon "I think he's fine, he's coming in a good shape, he's coming up with enough morale after winning Roland Garros, that gives you extra morale, I think he's in good condition, it's true that since July 14 last year step on the grass, that may be an inconvenience, but with these two weeks he has had training I think it can suffice, I see him with the same possibilities and even more ... Full of morals after a bad tour at the beginning of earth arrived here with two important victories in Rome and Roland Garros and that gives you an extra moral. I think that in that aspect it will not go wrong, then, we'll see, in sports, everything changes. "

The coach believes that, Despite the dominance of Federer and Djokovic in recent years in the tournament, Nadal can face them. "It is clear that Federer and Djokovic are better on grass because they have won more times than Rafael's two, now I think they are not too far either because last year Djokovic beat Rafael in a five-set match. I think They can be with very similar strengths, not having played a grass tournament, I do not think it will affect them more than the account, I think it's going to be good, it's a tournament that has been given to them in recent years. It's been a little bit, but in the last two years it's been very close ... The year he lost with Gilles Muller was close and last year very close, so we can see if this year we can reach the final. "

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