Times: Madrid will offer three players in the Pogba operation

The white club looks for how to pay less for the French midfielder and will put three names on the table: Bale, Keylor and James.

A Zidane likes Pogba, he has asked for the next project and Real Madrid looks for how to face an operation in which Manchester United will not soften. As reported by The Times, the white club plans to offer three of its players in the operation. The first, the ideal for the Real Madrid according to this information, would be Bale. Zidane does not count on him, Madrid is looking for a way out and It has a very good market in England. El Welsh would lower much the price of Pogba, that could be around 150 million.

Madrid's forecast would be to get at least 80 million for Bale, although that figure falls short of what Manchester United will ask for his footballer. Therefore, from the offices they will put on the table two other names: James and Keylor. The Colombian will return from his cession in Bayern, but has no place in the Madrid of Zidane; the Costa Rican also seems to have his future away from the Bernabéu . They could take course to the Premier.

In fact, Keylor was very close to finish at Manchester United as part of the operation that would take De Gea to Madrid, but the fax episode deactivated all movements. Now the goalkeeper is looking for a destination and are not few suitors who approach him: Benfica, Oporto, PSG ...

Así, Old Trafford will have to decide if they are interested in any of the proposals that Real Madrid will make within the Pogba operation , that will not be easy at all. On the one hand, a United does not want to part with its star and will not be a simple negotiator; on the other, the Madrid in full revolution in the market and with players who do not go through their best level of quotation ...

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