Three places of sanction to Hamilton for annoying Kimi

The Brit bothered Raikkonen in the first attempt of the Finn and that type of actions have had positions of sanction in grill recently.

Sanción of three positions for Lewis Hamilton in the grid of Austria, of the second to the fifth, to bother to Raikkonen in the Q1 of the classification when the Finn tried to mark a fast return. The punishment was announced by Lewis himself on Instagram. It will come after Leclerc, Verstappen, Bottas and Norris.

It is a decision that, although rigorous, can not be described as surprising: Carlos Sainz prevented a quick return of Albon in Q1 of Canada and, although Toro Rosso's Thai went on to the next round, the commissioners applied three punishment posts to Madrid. In this case, the Briton occupied slightly the corner of Curve 3 when Kimi arrived in his fast lap, forcing the Finn to make a second attempt to qualify for Q2, something What did you get. In any case, with the recent controversy over the punishments of Vettel or Ricciardo, the commissioners have a new ballot in Red Bull Ring.

Lewis explained to the media: "I was braking in Turn 3 and when I saw another car coming I released the brakes and tried to go straight in. It was not ideal, I was not aware that the car was coming. " Although he was not overly concerned, he was rather happy to have competition on the grid: "I'm excited to compete against these two (by Leclerc and Verstappen) Congratulations to Charles, he's having a great weekend. that could be the Ferrari and on the straights find a lot of time for power, for us the car felt good, although I'm not sure why there is not enough time on the straights ".

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