Thiem challenges the power

The winning victory against Federer put on our lips the honey of a possible end of Nadal against Djokovic, but the Austrian has changed the script.

The solvent victory against Roger Federer put on our lips the honey of a possible brooch in front of Novak Djokovic, which would have closed a magic triangle for Rafa Nadal on the way to its 12th Roland Garros. They are the three great rivals of this golden age, the Big Three of tennis. The dreamed duel added another attraction, the possibility that Nole rounded the four Grand Slams consecutively. We are going to stay with the desire of this final. The most repeated match in history (54 times) will not be repeated this Sunday in Paris. A 25-year-old Austrian, Dominic Thiem, has been determined to challenge the established power and has not done anything wrong at the moment. Thiem has eliminated Djokovic in an eventful semifinal, just as he did the previous year in the quarterfinals, and re-released his presence in the title clash.

Nadal slowed down Thiem's momentum in 2018 with a victory in three sets (6-4, 6-3, 6-2) , but each chapter of a series is different from the next, even if the actors are repeated. In this edition, Rafa has one more year in the legs, and Dominic, one more year of experience. The precedents are similar to those of then, when the Austrian reached the fight for Roland Garros with a victory over Nadal in Madrid, while in the current one he has also overtaken him in Barcelona. This Rafa, however, is very similar to that hesitant and insecure tennis player who started in the dirt season. This Nadal is already Nadal. The fight is tough, of that there is no doubt, because Thiem is the second player (after Djokovic) who has won the most matches on clay: four. And this Sunday he sends another pulse to the authority.

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