Theo points to Germany

As As was able to know, the player's environment is looking for a destination in the Bundesliga. The presence of Lucas in Munich would bring him closer to playing in Germany.

The fate of Theo Hernández could not be in Naples and yes in Alemania. As you may have known As, the player's environment is looking for a team in the Bundesliga where he plays next season.

Theo's name was associated with Naples. Carlo Ancelotti came to call the player to convince him and guarantee minutes in club partenopei and even As could know that Madrid would accept 30 million for his signing. But, once his cession in the Real Society finished, his destiny could be in the Bundesliga. Theo would have in Germany a league in which to develop its soccer and to show again the good performance that it exhibited in Alavés. To this should be added the presence of Lucas at Bayern. The proximity with his brother in Munich would motivate the side to find a destination in Germany.

Theo Hernandez signed for Real Madrid in 2017 from Atlético de Madrid in exchange for 28 million euros plus two variables. With the whites he played 1,648 minutes in 23 games in which he gave three assists and then left on loan to Real Sociedad this season. In the txuri-urdín club he has played 28 matches scoring a goal and giving two assists.

'Mili' in Germany

Si Theo finishes Alemania will not be the first Real Madrid player to go to the Bundesliga. Dani Carvajal went to Bayer Leverkusen for five million euros in 2012. One season was enough to make his mark with one goal and eight assists in 36 games and after being elected best right-back in the Bundesliga, Concha Espina bought it back for 6.5 million euros. Carvajal made his particular 'mili' in Germany and won his return to Madrid. Same road brings Achraf in Borussia Dortmund. The Moroccan left in 2018 on loan for two seasons. Achraf has excelled in Dortmund with three goals and four assists in 28 games. The side has shown its versatility playing on the left. His season was good until he broke the metatarsal of his right foot and had to say goodbye to the games that were missing from the league.

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