The world press surrenders to Nadal: "INVENCIBLE, HERCULOSE"

The media from all over the world surrender to the new conquest of Nadal after beating Dominic Thiem in the final in Paris. It's already 12 Roland Garros.

The media of the whole world surrenders to the great victory of Rafa Nadal in what has been the conquest of his 12th Roland Garros. These have been the most prominent headlines in the international press:


The French media highlights the great victory of Rafa Nadal and emphasizes that it is his 12th title at Roland Garros. The French media also dedicates the whole of its cover in its printed edition to the triumph of the Balearic tennis player with the headline 'Herculean' next to the text "Rafa Nadal conquered yesterday his twelfth title on the Parisian land.A totally unbelievable record for the Spanish, which He only lost one set to the Austrian Dominic Thiem (6-3, 5-7, 6-1 and 6-1). " The iamgen is for Nadal raising his hands after his victory in the final.

- La Gazzetta dello Sport: Rafa, 12 is the magic number: incomparable in Paris

The main means of sports communication in Italy opens with: Rafa, 12 is the magic number: incomparable in Paris. "The Austrian collapsed in the last quarter 6-3 5-7 6-1 6-1 against a great Nadal." The Italian midfielder also echoed the victory of Nadal on his printed cover this Monday with the headline "Nadal and that incredible dozen "next to the subtitle" Seals his 12th title in Paris and challenges Federer: "In the end we'll see who has more Grand Slam." "The photo is for Nadal biting the champion trophy.

- OLÉ: Always Nadal

The Argentine midfielder opens his header with: 'Siempre Nadal'. "Rafá confirmed his legacy by winning his twelfth title at Roland Garros.

- A Ball: Thiem still scares, but Nadal seals the dozen

The Portuguese midfielder highlights the great triumph of the Spanish tennis player: The Spaniard Rafa Nadal conquered his 12th title in Paris by defeating the fourth best news in the world.

- Le Parisien : Nadal conquers his crown number 12

The other great media of France has also been part of the gale Nadal: "The Spanish won against the Austrian in a game with great intensity." The Parisian medium also dedicates a large space in its printed cover to the victory of Nadal with the title "Invincible Nadal" and the photo of the Balearic biting the Musketeers Cup.

- Kurier: Nadal was again too strong for Thiem

The medium Austrian par excellence also surrendered to Spanish, highlighting the great level offered to Thiem the times he faces him.

- New York Times: Nadal, Pilar de Roland Garros

New York media opens its sports section of its digital edition with the triumph of Nadal in Paris with the headline "Rafael Nadal, Pilar de Roland Garros, wins the French Open for the twelfth "next to the subtitle" It is the second consecutive year that Nadal beat Dominic Thiem in the final, Nadal has a record of 12-0 in the finals in Paris and already totals 18 Grand Slam in total ". The photo is for Nadal celebrating the victory on the clay of the track Philippe Chatrier.

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