The world press surrenders to Carapaz after winning the Giro

Media from all over the world collect in their printed and digital editions the victory of the Ecuadorian Richard Carapaz in the general classification of the Giro d'Italia.

Richard Carapaz made history this Sunday after winning the Giro d'Italia, his first big and the biggest triumph to date for cycling in Ecuador. A feat that gathers the means of the whole world after Carapaz has shown himself to be the strongest cyclist of the race in the mountain and has successfully defended himself in the counter-locks.

L'Équipe: The French sports newspaper collects the Carapaz's triumph in the Giro d'Italia at the top of his cover in the print edition with the headline "Solid Carapaz" on a pink background and with the Movistar cyclist with the jersey and the Senza Fine Champion Trophy. In its digital edition, the triumph of the Ecuadorian with the headline "Carapaz, first big" and declarations of the Movistar cyclist after winning the Giro: "I made a dream" .

La Gazzetta dello Sport: Dedicates the central part of its cover to the triumph of Carapaz in the Giro with the title "Giro, the fable of Carapaz" and making a play on words with Ecuador and Oro in "Viva el Ecuadoro". The photo is for Carapaz finishing the final time at the Verona Arena and raising the Senza Fine Trophy as the winner of the Giro. In its digital edition, the Italian media gathers the Ecuadorian triumph with the title "El Giro 102 is from Carapaz ahead of Nibali, Verona triumphs Haga", and statements by Carapaz and Nibali at the end of the race. "It's an incredible moment" .

Het Nieuwsblad: "Carapaz celebrates Ecuador with his victory in the Giro and Campenaerts is left without victory in the last stage", with a picture of Carapaz dressed in pink and posing with the trophy champion and the flag of Ecuador. They also include an article about Mikel Landa and his fourth position. "For years he is one of the best riders in the world, but the sports drama continues to pursue Mikel Landa." In addition, they also collect in one piece a report on Chad Haga, winner of the Verona chrono. "He faced death after a serious crash and now Chad Haga wins a stage in the Giro: 'I was sure I would not get on a bike again.'"

El Universo: The Ecuadorian media dedicates the entire its cover in its printed edition to the triumph of Carapaz with the headline "¡Histórico en Giro de Italia !, with the subtitle" Carapaz, first Ecuadorian to conquer the pink jersey "and a photo of the cyclist posing with the pink jersey, the flag of Ecuador and the Senza Fine Trophy: In their digital edition they collect "Five reasons that explain the title of Richard Carapaz in the Giro d'Italia", how Guayaquil was dyed pink to celebrate the success of the runner and the bicycle caravan in Tulcán as a celebration and how much money has the cyclist pocketed with this victory.

El Telégrafo: The Ecuadorian media also includes on its cover the triumph of Carapaz in the Giro and devotes much of the cover of his edition n printed with the headline "Carapaz recorded his name among the greats," with a picture Movistar cyclist looking the championship trophy. In its digital edition it gathers the celebrations of Carchi and Quito and statements of Carapaz himself: "Everything is possible with hard work and capacity"

El Comercio: The Ecuadorian media opens its digital edition with the headline "Carapaz, an unforgettable victory "and the subtitle" Only the crying beat him after touching the sky. "Ecuadorian cyclist Richard Garapaz won the Giro d'Italia after 21 intense days and 90 hours of racing", illustrated with a photo of Carapaz lifting the Senza Fine Trophy of rose. Next to the chronicle, they collect the news of the negotiation of renovation of Carapaz with Movistar.

La Hora: The Ecuadorian newspaper opens its print edition with the headline "The master of the Giro made Ecuador cry with joy", next to the subtitle "With tenacity and effort Richard Carapaz was crowned champion of one of the three most important stages of world cycling" and the photo of the runner with the pink jersey, the flag of the country and the champion trophy. In the digital edition they open with the success of Carapaz with the headline "El suelo cumplio de 'Richie'" with the subtitle "Richard Carapaz became the first Ecuadorian cyclist to win a great round. He also finished the Giro using the 'pink jersey' 'for eight consecutive days', posing with the pink jersey, the title of champion and the flag of Ecuador. They also record the story of the Movistar cyclist's success in a report titled "To play on a bike without tires to conquer the Giro", together with the subtitle "A bicycle that rolled without tires reminds him of his childhood." On it, rescued from scrap metal and kept as a family heirloom ".

El Espectador: The Colombian media opens its sports section with the headline" Carapaz, latinoima prideicano "and an image of the Movistar cyclist raising the Senza Fine Trophy of champion.

El Tiempo: The Colombian media highlights the performance of Miguel Ángel López in the event in an article entitled" This is the right moment in which Colombia lost the Giro d'Italia ", and takes stock of the performance of the Colombian cyclists." Miguel Ángel López was seventh, better young and they won two stages. "They also collect" The message that Nairo sent to Carapaz "after the Ecuadorian confirmed his triumph in the Italian test.

The Guardian: The British media echoes the triumph of Richard Carapaz with the headline "Carapaz wins the Tour of Italy and makes history for Ecuador"

The Daily Telegraph: The British media picks the victory of the Ecuadorian cyclist Movistar with the holder "Richard Carapaz seals a historic victory in the Giro d'Italia after Chad Haga wins is the 21st stage in the time trial ".

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