The world of football dismayed by the death of Reyes

To the sad news of the death of Reyes in a traffic accident in Seville there has been a flood of samples of condolence from the world of sports.

The news came this morning, at 11:40, on the A-376 highway, from Seville to Utrera. The car in which Jose Antonio Reyes was traveling left the road for reasons that are still unknown and ended up burning. The fateful news has quickly spread through the circles of the Seville capital. The sporting world cries today for José Antonio Reyes, the squad member of Sevilla who started out as the first team of the club and who was international with Spain. He has left with 35 years after completing a brilliant career that was not yet finished. At present he was active in Extremadura.

The world of sports has reacted to the death of Reyes

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