The Warriors sign a partial 0-18, come back and draw

They came to lose 12 in the first half, but a magnificent second half reminded them why they are one of the best teams in history.

A team does not win three rings and reaches five consecutive finals in any way. They have to have quality, experience, heart and a game plan able to open any defense that is put in front of them. Even this one of the Toronto Raptors, that in the first and average game of the series threatened to deface the offensive image of a sweeping set. The Warriors pulled all those qualities in a masterly second half to turn around a score and a clearly unfavorable match and put the 1-1 in the final.

DeMarcus Cousins was the surprise that was saved Steve Kerr. He put the starting point trying to change things, but Cousins is not to maintain the level in a game like that. After a few minutes he had made two fouls and was on the bench. Klay Thompson seemed to have one of those days marked , putting the first 9 points of his team with the elegance that treasures. In front of a Kawhi Leonard much more incisive than the first day gave him a reply. The Raptors had a breakthrough (19-13) but Draymond Green also plugged in soon on his way to his second triple-double in two games, although this time with much more influence in the game of his team.

El que a a esto did not appear was Stephen Curry. He finished the first quarter without a single point in field shots, 0/3 for him, all three-point attempts. The four goals he got were free throws, missing one down the road, something unusual. Even so the Warriors started the second quarter even, but little lasted. Siakam, VanVleet, Lowry, Marc, Powell ... They all started plugging in attack and defense and put the advantage at +12. Not even the personal faults sustained them, with the referees much more inclined to whistle the local infractions (13-7 at that moment). Curry got his first triple with 3:51 remaining for the rest and in those 231 final seconds he made 12 points that left the Warriors 5 down (59-54) .

But in an NBA Finals can not live from the past . Not even the most immediate one. And less if you're playing against the Golden State Warriors. The Raptors left the dressing room more relaxed from the account and paid dearly. 0-18 of partial departure for the champions, with an Iguodala finally involved in the game, the Green that becomes a nightmare for rivals, Thompson to his baskets from anywhere and finally Curry scoring with some regularity. Almost the whole death quintet running like a clock made the Californians start the last quarter 80-88 up. The match had nothing to do with anything we had seen until then.

The last period started with an exchange of long distance shots. Lowry and Ibaka answered with triple ones that Quinn Cook put in before, that in a moment of lucidity threatened to break the game on his own. But the Raptors, with Marc, Lowry and Siakam with four faults, resisted kneeling . To all this, Klay Thompson went to the dressing room with discomfort after falling badly in a triple attempt. The Warriors maintained their ten-point lead for several minutes in which both teams shrugged their hands.

But in the absence of 1:07 a Curry technique for throwing the ball through the air after a foul that was blown at Cousins He gave the last sigh of life to the locals. Leonard got all three free throws, on the next possession Green (Draymond) lost the ball and the Raptors got two with a triple by Green (Danny) after two offensive rebounds. There were 27 seconds left and the ball was for the Warriors. The Canadians played an aggressive defense and were about to recover the ball on a couple of occasions, but by not doing so, the imbalances that ended up leaving only Iguodala occurred. Whoever was MVP in the first ring of the Warriors, a man with a thousand battles behind him, was square, aimed, shot and hit the heart of the Raptors. Set and match.

The series now travels to Oakland with a very strong Warriors and a Raptors that have lost all the positive momentum that brought along these playoffs. But nobody takes deception. NEITHER ones have it won or the others lost. With Kevin Durant watching everything from the shadows, the Oracle Arena will be the next stage where the biggest battle in world basketball will continue to be played.

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