The Warriors endured with half injured team: Klay, Looney ...

Golden State has managed to tie the Finals with half their team with serious physical problems. The 3rd game, key in this aspect.

The Warriors continue to pass penuries on the physical plane. The funny thing, or what gives a measure of how good they are, is that in the worst game they have been able to pass is in which they have reversed an adverse situation (going up in the score to tie the tie) .

En the second match against the Raptors continued with the Kevin Durant loss, which is presumed to be able to return to the courts in the third or fourth game. They also follow the physical problems for Shaun Livingston. To this day arrived very touched Andre Iguodala, which was serious doubt because of some discomfort in the leg and returned to give himself a thump that made him fear the worst. To the list the 'Splash Brothers' joined: Curry left the field for an unspecified problem after what happened not to score a shot to finish with 23 points; Thompson was hurt in an action in which he opened his legs a lot, he retired and did not play again. Also had his ration the Kevon Looney pivot, which fell hard against the ground and left the parquet with pain in the left chest. To all this we must add that DeMarcus Cousins has just come out of a serious injury and has not caught the optimal point of form.

The franchise has reported that in the next few hours a medical examination to Klay Thompson and Kevon Looney, the worst unemployed of tonight's match. Looney will also have a computerized tomography.

Kerr wanted to make it clear that they expect to have Thompson for the third meeting: "He told me he's fine, he could be half dead and say he's fine. pull but it seems that it is not serious ".

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