The variable bonuses by Hazard can go up to 30 million

Some are more complicated (that the Belgian wins the Golden Ball), but others are almost certain (that Madrid qualify for the Champions League),

Although the fixed price (100 million euros) does not make Hazard the most expensive signing in the history of Madrid, in the future it will be. The agreement included variable bonuses that can amount to 30 million. Some are more complicated (that the Belgian wins the Balón de Oro), but others are almost certain (that Madrid will qualify for the Champions). Therefore, in the medium term it will be the most expensive. Those variables were those that delayed the operation. The Chelsea demanded that they could be up to 50 million and finally they stayed at around 30,

This more expensive condition belonged since 2013 to Bale (101 M €), although initially the club maintained that its transfer had been less than that of Christian. Portuguese, third (€ 96 million), happened in 2009 to Zidane (€ 72 million), which remained at the top of the ranking for eight years. Among them he slipped in 2014 James: cost € 80 M. Two other signings for the next season are the Top-10: Jovic and Militao. Those top ten are completed with three other galactic: Kaká, Figo and Ronaldo.

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