The UCI punishes the Postobón Apple with 45 days of suspension

Although the team has already disappeared, the UCI has decided to impose this sanction if the team returns after the positives of Wilmar Andrés Zapata and Juan José Amador.

The International Cycling Union (UCI) has announced a 45-day suspension of the Colombian team Manzana Postobón after two of its cyclists gave two adverse results in doping tests in the last 12 months. The institution has announced the punishment on Tuesday through a statement.

Pese the team announced its disappearance after knowing the positives of Wilmar Andrés Paredes (EPO) and Juan José Amador (Boldenone) , both in out-of-competition controls , the UCI establishes that, in the event that the structure returns to compete, it must comply with this sanction period.

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