The Toronto Raptors are cited with the ring and the story

The team of Marc, Ibaka and Scariolo disputed today (03:00, #Vamos) the fifth game of the NBA Final against the Warriors. If he wins, he will be champion.

Toronto knows that this early morning (03:00 Spanish time) can make history winning the first ever ring, which at the same time would be the first of a team from outside the US. He needs to win one more match and he has up to three chances, but the most advisable thing is to close this as soon as possible. Opposite, the Warriors, who have come at the worst moment of the course for injuries. Iguodala, Cousins and Looney are in a clearly improved physical condition. Klay Thompson, who has already missed a game and a quarter, is not 100%. And Durant, that big question: ayer did his first workout a month after getting injured, but it's still a question. As in the whole series.

But the Warriors go 3-1 down (only a team of 34 went around a final with that result) is also explained by the solidity shown by the Raptors. Those from Canada are playing as if this was not their first final. A lot of guilt about it, like having come this far, is from Kawhi Leonard. If his team ends up winning, he will be a secure MVP, achieving it with two different teams: he took it with the Spurs in 2014. A feat that only Kareem and LeBron had done. And we would also see how the list of Spaniards with a ring would grow from one to three of a tacada (not counting those of Valdemoro and Cruz in the WNBA): Pau Gasol would join his brother Marc and Ibaka. A glorious prize that would also taste the coach Sergio Scariolo.

Marc: "To think that the last match may not help"

Marc Gasol spoke before what could be one of the most important days of his career and again showed a serenity and a concentration that are already the hallmark of these Raptors' homes. "It means a lot to win away from home, but we know that the job is not done and every time it's going to be harder." Thinking about what the last match may be does not help you at all ". For the Spanish center, the keys to being in such a favorable situation have been "respect for the opponent", "courage in the opposite ring" and the defense with which they have been "prevented" from doing their game. "It is key, if you do not defend you stop controlling things, we would not be here where we are now" .

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