The strange dance of the Antetokounmpo that has surprised its followers

The Greek players of the NBA have received comments for their way of dancing and their identical resemblance.

Giannis Antetokounmpo has become one of the greatest figures in the NBA. The 24-year-old Greek player has achieved his best season in the US league by reaching the conference final with the Bucks despite finally falling to the Toronto Raptors. Eso has caused that the wing of Athens has already initiated its vacations although that has not prevented that it happens through the gym to maintain the form.

La star of the NBA has surprised to its followers in Instagram with a video that is difficult that it leaves indifferent to someone. Accompanied by his brother and also NBA player Kostas Antetokounmpo, the brothers appear dancing in a strange way in a hilarious video. "Toning after our training" , the player commented in the text accompanying the video that has already received more than one and a half million views since its publication.

There is no doubt that the Antetokounmpo dance is as much as less different and that's what some of his followers did after seeing the video. "They are the first black people I see who do not have rhythm" , commented a follower of the player. But beyond the bad faculties for the dance floor, what surprised most was the identical resemblance between Giannis and Kostas.

"No can find differences between the two" , commented a follower. " For a moment I thought there were two Giannis" , said another. And is that if in itself the similarity between the brothers is at least surprising, the players of 24 and 21 years, that also have the same haircut, appear in the video with exactly the same clothes.

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