The ring brothers

Pau and Marc Gasol already had an iconic photograph when they made the initial jump of the All Star in 2015. They are now the only fraternity with the NBA title.

Los Gasol, Pau and Marc, already had an iconic photograph in a NBA, when in 2015 they starred in the initial jump in the All Star. His participation in the All Star Game, six times Pau and three Marc, are in themselves the recognition that you are among the great players of the championship. But there is much more ... Pau looks two rings with Los Angeles Lakers (2009 and 2010) and is among the most remarkable Europeans ever, Marc was chosen the Best Defender in 2013 ... The passage of both by the NBA has been leaving footprint, now deeper with the title of Marc with the Toronto Raptors. If that star jump got them into the history of the American League, and of the world basketball, these rings engrave their names with gold letters. The Gasol rise as the first brothers who are crowned in the NBA.

The triumph of the Raptors had more Spanish flavor. There he also walked Serge Ibaka, whom we had forgotten most about his absences with La Selección. But Spanish, it is. Or if you do not remember the sentence of José Blanco after a Council of Ministers when he announced: "We have nationalized Ikea" . The Swedes began to tremble. Ibaka and Marc have not been comparsas in these Finales, but fundamental pieces, with averages that exceed ten points and five rebounds. The Catalan shone in the opening match, with 20 points, and the Congolese has been decisive in the last. Sergio Scariolo was among those who wove the fabric as a technical assistant. Now he will return to his duties as coach, with el Mundial in the background ... That World that los Gasol, Pau and Marc, won together in 2006 in Saitama. Two brothers of gold. The brothers of the ring.

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