The reborn DeMarcus Cousins can be key in the final

The pivot, who was injured in the first round and it seemed impossible to return to play this year, was essential in the victory of the Warriors in Toronto.

DeMarcus Cousins was injured on April 15 against the Clippers. It was the second game of his career in the playoffs after nine seasons and four all stars behind him. First was the poor sporting planning of the Sacramento Kings, the franchise that drafteó, which prevented him from reaching the postseason system. Later, when he was playing his best basketball (and that's already saying) in New Orleans, a ruptured Achilles tendon left him in the dry dock, unable to help his teammates in the adventure of the qualifying rounds.

Ese April 15, running for a split ball, tore his thigh . After a year stood out misfortune in the form of injury was primed again with him. The first with the doctors' conclusions were that he would not play more in what was left of the season, wherever the Warriors arrived. As the playoffs progressed, good news began to arrive, but always with caution. "His recovery is better than expected", "he already trains with the rest of his teammates", "he can return at some point in the final". When he went out to the track in the first match against Toronto he was eager to please, but with a physical condition that did not accompany. played 8 minutes in which he got three points (failing the three field shots he tried), gave two assists, stole two balls and lost another. But above all he was seen very disoriented.

But as the starting center that day, Jordan Bell, did nothing Steve Kerr decided to give him ownership in the second game. As Draymond Green later said, "DeMarcus has not played much basketball in the last 18 months, the more he plays, the better he will feel." A perfect summary of what happened to him in that Game 2. Because in the first minutes he was seen again slow in defense and clumsy in attack. But in the second half, and especially in the 0-18 part of his team, he remembered the great Cousins we all know. Without reaching his level of all star, but demonstrating all the talent he has always had inside. In the 27 minutes he was on the track he scored 11 points, took 10 rebounds, gave 6 assists, put 2 blocks and his team managed a + 12 with him on track. A performance above any expectation.

Un DeMarcus that contributes is a decisive weapon that can unbalance games, but taking into account the situation in which the Warriors are the pivot can be fundamental. With Kevon Looney out for what remains of series, Klay Thompson with discomfort and without knowing in what state will be for Game 3 and Kevin Durant still in the infirmary and without a clear return, Cousins has suddenly become a key player. "I really do not know how I recovered so soon," he joked with reporters after the victory. Seen the sure thing that a the Raptors has not done so much grace its miraculous recovery. Now you know that new problems can also come from within.

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