The Prosecutor's Office filed a complaint against Xabi Alonso for the second time

The cause, the commission by the new Sanse coach of a fiscal offense during the 2013 financial year amounts to 572,008 euros.

The section of Economic Crimes of the Provincial Prosecutor's Office of Madrid has filed a second complaint against the former footballer Xabier Alonso Olano for the commission of a fiscal offense during 2013 that amounts to 572,008 euros. The lawsuit is also directed against Iván Zaldúa Azkuenaga and against Ignasi Maestre Casanovas.

The Prosecutor's Office recalls that the Delegation in Madrid of the State Agency of the Tax Administration sent him on June 14, 2019 a report-complaint concerning Alonso they give indications of the perpetration of a crime against the Public Treasury, in relation to the Tax on the Income of the Physical Persons of the year 2.013, when being a tax fraud quantified by the Inspectorate of the Treasury in 572.008, 73 euros.

La querella falls on the personal income tax of 2013 of the former footballer whose fraud is based on the fraudulent operation designed in 2009 and that have been maintained in the period of 2013. According to the Prosecutor's Office, on August 1, 2009 Alonso signed a contract for the one that "apparently" ceded the exploitation of his image rights to the Kardzali company with domicile in Madeira, an entity that enjoyed tax exemption in the islands until the year 2012 because it had been constituted in the year before 2001.

The mercantile code was provided to the former footballer by Maestre, who appeared as administrator of the company Kardzali until 2014 "aware himself that he was going to be used for the purpose of avoiding the payment of taxes" , and who was also administrator on the islands of 23 other companies. In the lawsuit filed in the court, Zaldúa, Alonso's tax advisor, is indicated as the person who planned the denounced operation "knowing that the taxpayer was going to avoid paying the taxes that should be passed on to the income derived from the exploitation of the image of Xabier Alonso ".

So, on August 5, 2009, after signing an employment contract with the Real Madrid Football Club, Alonso moved his residence to Madrid," which is why in the year 2013 he had the tax resident status in Spain and its fiscal domicile in Madrid, with the corresponding tax obligations ". However, as pointed out by the Prosecutor's Office "with the intention of obtaining an illicit tax benefit", the former soccer player presented IRPF statements for 2013 without declaring any amount from the income obtained from the exploitation of his image rights " how much he used Kardzali's corporate structure and an apparent transfer of image rights. "

During this apparent transfer of exploitation of image rights, the company located in Madeira did not pay any amount to Alonso because he lacked the means to face to the payment of the five million euros 5,000,000 euros that had been agreed as consideration for the transfer. "The sole intention of the defendant Xabier Alonso together with the tax advisor Iván Zaldúa was to remove from the Spanish Public Treasury the taxes that had to be paid for the returns that the exploitation of their image during the years of 2009 would generate in a ahead, "adds the Prosecutor's Office.

Alonso, always according to the story of the complaint, used Kardzali" as a mere channeling tool for income and payments without it having made any management in the exploitation of image rights, management that has been made by people outside the entity. " It even emphasizes that the entity has lacked employees from the date of the assignment until 2012, "when legally obliged to hire a third person with a monthly salary of 70 euros" .

Finally, the Office of the Prosecutor It also considers "unnecessary" that company so that the player could exploit their image rights because at the time of signing the contract in 2009 had already signed the contract with Adidas, "one of the top advertisers who has used the image of the taxpayer whose contract was signed on January 1, 2009 as well as with Real Madrid since f signed his contract on August 5 of the same year. Thus, "at the time of apparently giving up the exploitation of image rights, Xabier Alonso was already guaranteed the amount of more than 6 million euros without Kardzali contributing anything to the player's main contracts, except for the opacity of the players. returns to the Spanish Tax Agency ".

In total Alonso received in 2013 the gross amount of 1,202,705 euros by four advertisers." As can be inferred from these figures - insists the Prosecutor's Office - most of the income derived from the exploitation of image rights were already agreed upon when designing the contraor from August 1, 2009 between the obligated Xavier Alonso and Kardzali. "What the company located in Madeira was doing was to transfer from 2009 to the soccer player a total of 5,900,352, 54 euros" that apparently responded to the debt of 5,000,000 euros contracted by Kardzali with Xabier Alonso for the acquisition of the image rights of the same ", an amount that has been paid as the merchant channeled the income generated by the exploitation of image rights that came from Real Madrid as of different advertising brands, that is, "Alonso received more money than agreed, amounts coming in full from the contracts he had already signed or negotiated when designing the contract of August 1, 2009" .

Therefore, "said assignment It was never real and was only sought by the defendants with the purpose of not paying to the Public Treasury the taxes that were to be passed on in 2013 to the yields that generated the exploitation of the image of Xabier Alonso ".

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