The police confidante exonerates Soler of the attempted kidnapping of Soriano

The trial was suspended on October 26, 2017 and has now resumed in a case in which the National Police came to arrest Soler on April 9, 2014.

The police confidante Rachid Behdaoui, accused in the alleged attempt to kidnap the former president of Valencia Vicente Soriano, has exonerated the former Valencian president and accused in this process Juan Soler of any responsibility and accused only of another of the defendants.

A so he has exposed this Wednesday during his statement in the first session of the trial for this case, for which the prosecution pure nine months in prison for those involved, while the defense of Soriano raises the penalty requested to Soler for eight years the facts produced in 2014 of which they are accused. Along with Soler and Rachid Benhdaoui also accuses Ciro D'Anna and Abdelatif Laaroubi 'Tati', on which the confidente of the police has charged all the blame for this process at the same time it has been exempted from all responsibility. The trial was suspended on October 26, 2017 and has now resumed in a case in which the Policia Nacional came to arrest Soler on April 9, 2014, which was president of the club between 2004 and 2008, while Soriano was from 2008 to 2009. Soler and Soriano had for some years a dispute over the sale of shares of Valencia by the first to the second, in an operation in which Soriano bought the shares of Soler in the Valencia CF-SAD for about 85 million euros with the idea of re-selling them. However, by failing to make the payment of the operation effective, two sentences of the Supreme Court, the last of February 2013, forced Soriano and a the company Dalport to pay Soler 20 and 39 million euros for two of the four promissory notes that had to face the purchase. Despite being exonerated by the confidant Moroccan, later Soler, in his statement this Wednesday, has pointed to Rachid as ideologist and inciter to carry a plan of robbery at the home of Soriano and the attempted kidnapping of Soriano to settle the debt he had with him and of which Soler It has completely unmarked. The confidante of the police has assured that 'Tati' told him that he knew "some Colombians" who could carry out the kidnapping and that if he met with them it was for to obtain information for the Police and obtain this benefits in the cases that were pending with the Spanish justice because he wanted to leave the country. He also commented that he met with Soriano and that he transmitted to him that he offered 15 million euros in cash so that Soler "forgot about the debt". In his defense, Rachid assures that in his last contact with Soriano he warned him of the kidnapping that had been planned, although he assured him that it would not happen when the police were alerted.

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