The Pelicans look for an agreement between several teams by Davis

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the New Orleans franchise is not convinced that a single team can give them what they want for their star.

Since the Pelicans announced that talks began by Anthony Davis, the rumors have happened again in the League. If a few days ago we counted that Celtics went strong for the star in an agreement that included, among other things, players like Tatum and Smart, now we have learned that the New Orleans franchise seeks to negotiate with several teams to get everything that They want for their still franchise player.

A so has Adrian Wojnarowski, who has informed that the wishes of David Griffin, executive vice president of operations of the Pelicans, are getting in this transfer to an All Star player, to one with potential to get to the All-Star Game, and two first rounds of the draft. That is, for now, the priority of the team, something that would be very difficult to achieve in an operation with a single set, having to include at least a third team to carry it out.

The option of the Lakers

To achieve this, in New Orleans have considered two different options, one that includes the Lakers and another that has to do with the Knicks. In the first, the idea would be to include the Angelenos and a possible third team to make the transfer . The young players of the purple and gold franchise are not to the liking of the Pelicans (as was demonstrated in the February negotiations) and therefore a third team would have to be found in order for David Griffin to be satisfied.

To do this, in Hollywood should send some of their young players to that hypothetical third set, and that this will send the pelicans rounds of the draft or some great player who met the expectations of the franchise. If this were true, the Pelicans would send Davis to the Lakers. A transfer to three.

This option seems complicated. It would have to find a third team willing to receive the Lakers' youth and be willing to part with an important player and rounds of the draft. What is clear according to Wojnarowski is that in Los Angeles right now they do not meet the expectations of Griffin and that it will be very complicated an agreement that includes only these two teams.

The option of the Knicks

The other great option is to perform the transfer with the Knicks, an agreement that would also include the Dallas Mavericks. We remember that el many groups wish to join Davis and Irving and that in New York they dream of. The franchise does not have much to offer beyond rounds of the draft, and if sent to Dallas they could send a player to New Orleans, and the operation could be possible.

The fact that Griffin considers these options moves away, in At first, to the Celtics of the negotiations, although the Greens are bidding high and have, remember, future players (Tatum) and rounds of the draft they are willing to offer.

The Anthony Davis case is the story of never ending. The February negotiations were organized by Dell Demps and Magic Johnson, and today neither of them is in their respective franchises. Just after came David Griffin, with a great reputation in the League. The manager could not convince (in principle) Davis to continue in the team, but is demanding a lot in the negotiations for him and at the moment there are no clues about where the star can end. At the moment, follow the rumors.

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