The most competitive Ducati: its best start in history

The results of Petrucci and Dovizioso make that of Borgo Panigale, with 185 points in his locker, are in their best start in MotoGP.

Winning your first MotoGP race must be a dream. Do it, being Italian, with a Ducati and in Mugello it must be indescribable. Tears spoke for Danilo Petrucci at the end of the Italian Grand Prix in a weekend where the Terni rider allowed himself to touch the sky as well as giving wings to Ducati who, this season, are more open than ever. An unforgettable Sunday for the home of Borgo Panigale is born an exciting fact that allows them to return to dream of repeating the triple crown that they reached with Stoner in a magical season as it was for them that of 2007, when the Australian gave them the only title that holds the mark in the maximum displacement.

At that time they closed the course with 533 points in the team championship, a figure that they have not even come close to, and now everything points to that they can overcome it since, With 185 points to his credit, Ducati faces his best start in the queen class after 17 years of history written in the pages of the World Cup. Never before, despite having had such illustrious driver as Rossi, Lorenzo or Hayden, the Italians had added so many points at this stage of the championship. After six races, Dovizioso and Petrucci are second and fourth in the drivers' championship and both their performance and their numbers have not accumulated any abandonment by the four that added to these heights of the previous year, they have supported their aspirations in the maximum displacement.

The balance has never been so balanced until now. Ducati always had a pilot who was the reins of the team and when Petrucci reached the garage, they made it very clear that the strategy was maintained and therefore they were still betting on " have a balanced team in which the partner is not the main rival ", but rather an ally. And so far everything has gone according to his plans. Danilo was always the ally, or "squire" as he was classified in his day, of Dovizioso. In fact in Le Mans and with the second position at stake, the Italian "did exactly" what the bosses asked him. Those who despite having left them happy, although until the podium in France his best position had been a fifth in Jerez, maintained the doubts about the future of the pilot of Terni: "We have to let the next appointments pass" .

Well, these appointments are already beginning to happen and in turn, they are also beginning to change the arguments. Ducati assured that Danilo's victory would have weight in the judgment about his future and in full projection, we will have to see how far he is capable of continue to grow a pilot who has made his dream come true at over 350 km / h. For now, the only thing that is certain is that teamwork is working in Borgo Panigale together with two pilots who know the Desmosedici very well. That along with that, despite the leap in quality that has given in recent seasons, have only managed to climb the highest step of the podium a total of six pilots. And now, although they do not add winners, the duo of Bologna has carte blanche to continue fighting for everything with an eye on a year end where the reward can come in the form of a title.

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